Crew Vans

Crew Vans

Crew Van Lease
Small Crew Van Leasing
They generally fit 5 at a push for short distances and often you cannot reclaim the VAT so these vans are really not that popular.
Medium Size Crew Vans need a payload of at least a tonne to be able to reclaim the VAT
There is little differnce in price between a small crew van and a large crew van in most cases. Thus the smaller crew vans are often not as readily available.

Large Crew Vans Lease 
Most of the larger crew vans are bought directly from the manufacturer by a small number of super large companies typically for motorway maintinance.
So its quite rare for us to have these vehicles in stock. The bet sellers are the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter. We would suggest the VW Crafter on a lease

Best sellers
VW Transporter Kombi T6.1
Mercedes Vito Sport Crew Van
Ford Transit Custom Double Cab

The stocks of these smaller vans are often limited as the payments on lease can often overlap with that of a medium sized van.
The larger crew vans are often cheaper per month than the normal van as the resale value is much much better.
Where these vans come into their own is in urban environments and multi story carparks where space is limited.
The most popular  vans by far are the VW Caddy Maxi Kombi  and the Citroen Berlingo Crew Van.
There is some popularity with the New Ford Transit Connect double cab

Note that many of these vans there isn’t glass to the side of the middle row of seats and its often an option whether its factory fitted or done by dealer in the case of the smaller crew vans for sale.

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