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Camper Vans are one of the best ways to bring families together. Totally flexible go where you want when you want. Camper vans tend to have high purchase costs but hold their value very very well. There are many ways to finance camper vans at an affordable rate. As long as your credit is good enjoy the cheapest rates and lowest monthly payments in the land. Remember  that there are a limited number

Used Camper Van Finance 
We can finance most camper vans that have a brand name even used ones up to three years old. If its used we will ask you for a full RAC or AA report to ensure the product is fit for purpose for you. We cannot finance any used vehicle without this. The campers need a brand name as there are too many back street conversions where short cuts are taken and thus we wouldn’t be happy offering credit on this as the risks are too great.

What makes Great Camper van?
Attention to detail is what makes a camper van great. You really cant beat a factory built vehicle. If its a post converted vehicle then there won’t be a verified resale value so balloons and large final payments are unlikely. This isn’t to say that there are some great post converted vehicles that are even better than  factory vehicles just that these campers are unknown really to finance companies
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Automatic vans for sale 

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