Van Accessories

Swiss Vans van acessories. We seem to offer a wider range of accessories than any other van company which is great for you and a headache for us!
Too much choice, so we have condensed and simplified our products

Sporting Van Splitters
VW Transporter T6.1  Splitters and Transit Custom splitters .
VW Caddy Old, Vito WASP,
Renault Trafic. Toyota Proace.
Van Leather
Van Alloys
Plylining & Shelving
Van signwriting

Van Plylining
Its very rare for us to see a van ready plylined from the factory and often this would need to be stripped out prior to us do to much of our work.
There are two types of plylining plastic and wooden. We  prefer wooden as its more enviromentally friendly

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