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    Toyota Hilux Alloy Wheels

    Upgrade your factory wheels at Swiss HQ Go Hunt Zombies In Safety We came up with Zombies long before they did...


  • toyota hilux hardtops

    Toyota Hilux Hard Tops

    Toyota Hilux Hard Tops Genuine or Non Genuine?


  • Toyota Hilux accessories

    The Toyota Hilux more than pulls its weight when it comes to doing the dirty work like shifting loads and towing trailers. But, you may want something extra to make your pickup more suitable for your business or lifestyle. Or, you might just want to improve the image with a set of flashy alloys. We offer a range of Toyota Hilux accessories to tailor your pickup to suit your needs.

    What accessories can I get?

    Swiss Vans offer many different vehicle modifications that we can do ourselves at Swiss HQ in South Wales.

    Modifications can include:

    • Alloy upgrades
    • Hardtops or canopies
    • Suspension kits
    • Leather

    Toyota Hilux alloy wheels

    Despite being used primarily as a business tool, the Hilux has started to include higher specifications which broaden its appeal. You can improve its look by choosing an alloy wheel upgrade. The Icon and Invincible trims come with their own alloy wheels but you can choose your own to give your Hilux a unique look.


    The load bed of the Toyota Hilux is open which leaves it exposed to the elements. Hardtops can help to keep your load area dry and free of dirt. Although you may use the Hilux solely for work, you may sometimes need to pick up the weekly shop or a package.

    It provides a little more security for any valuable items or tools you may have. Any wandering eyes won?t be able to peak into what?s in the back of your truck and will have a tough time getting in.

    Choose between genuine Toyota hardtops or cheaper alternatives from specialist hardtop manufacturers.

    Swiss offer a range of accessories and upgrades that can take your commercial vehicle to the next level. So, speak to our sales team who will be able to provide you with all the answers you need.