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Ford loves to gives customers options, and the company’s small vans range is no exception. While most manufacturers offer one small van, Ford offers two: the Ford Transit Connect and the Ford Transit Courier. (In fact, if you count the Ford Fiesta van, there are three, but we’re just going to focus on the Courier and the Connect.) If the Ford Transit Custom is just that little bit too big for you — definitely an issue for city deliveries — then read on to find out more about these great small vans.

Ford Transit Connect

This is the first step down from the Transit Custom. It comes as a panel van and a double cab / DCiV, so you can get the body style that most suits your circumstances depending on whether you need to carry more cargo or more people. There are also two wheelbases available.

With an engine choice between diesel or petrol, and the option of a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission (there’s Ford with that choice again!), you can find the configuration that matches your unique needs. The Transit Connect has a maximum load volume of 3.2m3 and a maximum payload of 978kg, so you can certainly haul around a decent amount of cargo.

And of course, to continue on a theme, there are five trim levels available.

Ford Transit Courier

If even the Connect is too big, consider the Ford Transit Courier. It’s compact and nimble, so it’s perfect for tight spaces. It comes in a choice of engines (diesel of petrol) and four trim levels. The load volume on the Transit Courier is a resectable 1.9m3 (2.4m3 with a flexible bulkhead), and its maximum payload is 582kg.

It’s a comfortable little van that’s almost a car, and the perfect choice for someone who needs more — but not a lot more — than a car can provide.

Get Your Ford Small Van Today!

We offer both the Transit Connect and the Transit Courier at Swiss Vans, and we always have great deals available on whatever finance method you choose: finance lease, lease purchase, contract hire, or hire purchase (HP). From our low-rate lease agreements to cash sales and buying outright, we work with our customers to find whatever suits them best.

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