Small Ford Vans

Small Ford Vans

Small Ford Vans

Ford loves to give customers options, and the company’s range of small Ford vans is no exception. While most manufacturers offer one small van, Ford offers two: the Ford Transit Connect and the Ford Transit Courier. (In fact, if you count the Ford Fiesta van, there are three, but we’re just going to focus on the Courier and the Connect.) If the Ford Transit Custom is just that little bit too big for you — definitely an issue for city deliveries — then read on to find out more about the greatest small Ford vans.

Ford Transit Connect

This is the first step down from the Transit Custom, designed to give an option in size between that and the Courier for those that need a small Ford van. It comes as a panel van and a double cab / DCiV, so you can get the body style that most suits your circumstances, depending on whether you need to carry more cargo or more people. There are also two wheelbases available.
With an engine choice between diesel or petrol, and the option of a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission (there’s Ford with that choice again!). You can find the configuration that matches your unique needs. The Transit Connect has a maximum load volume of 3.2m3 and a maximum payload of 978kg, so you can certainly haul around a decent amount of cargo.
For the driver that needs more road control or even off-road capability, the Connect can even be upgraded to include Ford’s mechanical limited-slip differential. Ford even thought about your pocket with this van. Each model of the Connect comes with a 60 litre tank plus an additional 17 litre Adblue tank for diesel motors — meaning less fill ups and an easier process of doing so.
In typical Ford fashion, the upgrades keep coming, the Connect can be fitted with a wheelchair conversion to give you the ability to cater to a more diverse range of passengers. Want to camp or enjoy the van life in style? The Connect has plenty of room for camper conversion to let you enjoy the great outdoors.
And of course, to continue on a theme, there are five trim levels available. The Connect comes standard with both front and a side sliding door for easier loading of people, tools, supplies, or anything you may need to haul.
The best part? The Connect not only offers amazing functionality, the van comes with several cosmetic options, including metallic paint — giving you the chance to express your own style and have great functionality.
The Connect is perfect for electricians, technicians, and those that need to carry a small amount of tools and supplies. It is also a great option for those who need to ferry people around or like to go on small adventures. If that what you are aiming at then browse the list of our Small Ford Vans.

Ford Transit Courier

If even the Connect is too big, consider the Ford Transit Courier. Based on the Ford Fiesta car, it’s compact and nimble, so it’s perfect for tight spaces. It comes in a choice of engines (diesel of petrol) and four trim levels. With so many trim choices, your Courier can range from trendy to a stylish or flashy sports van look. The load volume on the Transit Courier is a resectable 1.9m3 (2.4m3 with a flexible bulkhead), and its maximum payload is 582 kg. The 48 litre tank in the Courier will see you through up to 36 miles of city driving without the need to refuel.

Sticking with the possible options of the small Ford vans, the courier can be converted to be the perfect small companion for any field of work. The lower trims come with only the two front doors but moving higher up the trim levels gives the optional upgrade of a sliding side door. There are many bespoke conversions to be had for anything from construction to emergency personnel needs. Are you a florist or baker? This small van can even be outfitted with a chiller to keep everything from flowers, food, or medicine fresh. This is one of the small Ford vans which is even perfect for the driver wanting a start into the taxi business. One simple conversion can make this van go from delivery of goods to delivery of people. It can even include a hydraulic lift to carry passengers that need a wheelchair.

It’s a comfortable little van that’s almost a car, and the perfect choice for someone who needs more — but not a lot more — than a car can provide. The courier is the perfect size for one-person operator, small business, or business that needs only carry a few small items to and from the job site in town.

No matter what you need a small van for, Ford has you covered with these two vans. They can be upgraded and converted to suit any of your business or pleasure needs, without taking away from the pure power and control you are used to. The Ford family understands your need to stay connected even if you have a fleet of vans. Every Ford van can come with the latest technology. With the FordPass Pro, you can monitor every aspect of the van’s health, security, and location. The addition of the Ford Sync3 touch screen system, Electronic Stability Control (ESC/ESP) and lots of other smart driving features, means safety and ease of driving at all times. For the eco minded, every Ecoblue engine can even run on Hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), so you can save the planet one litre at a time. Your van will thank you with a smooth start, no matter what the weather.

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