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Most commercial vehicle ranges have just the one option for a small van. But, not Ford. Adopting the famous Transit name, there are two small Ford vans with a car-derived van as a third option.

These are the Ford Transit Connect, Ford Transit Courier and the Ford Fiesta van. With these three options, you can get the small Ford van which is best for your needs and budget.

What small Ford vans can I get?

Ford Transit Connect

The largest and most popular small van from Ford is the Transit Connect. With a choice of two different bodystyles, you can get a load space of up to 3.7m3.

It is also possible to carry passengers with the double cab-in-van version of the Connect but these aren’t always in stock.

Ford Transit Courier

As the name suggests, the Transit Courier is designed to appeal to those who work in deliveries. Compact and agile; you can get around and park in busy cities quite easily.

At a slightly smaller load space than the Connect, you get a cargo space of up to 2.3m3.

Ford Fiesta Van

Built on the car version, the Ford Fiesta van has been transformed to provide practicality to those who need a small vehicle with extra load space.

With the seats replaced with loads space, the Fiesta van has a load space of just under a 1m3. Exactly like driving a car, this could be perfect for delivering parcels or flowers.

How to get a small Ford van?

At Swiss Vans, we have a variety of methods to get you in the van you need without having to fork out a fortune. Speak to our sales team about the exact van you want and decide which payment method suits you best.

We specialise in finance deals with great discounts but can get you affordable prices on outright purchase of a vehicle, too.

Our payment options include:

– Finance lease
– Hire purchase
– Lease purchase
– Contract hire
– Outright purchase

Give our sales team a call if you’re interested in one of our small Ford vans and we can get you a quote.

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