Pre Registered Vans

What is a Pre Registered Van

Pre Registered Vans

First things first.  What is a Pre Registered Van?

As the name suggests, pre-registered vans are vehicles which have been ‘previously registered’.

These brand new vans are purchased by a dealer, usually in bulk.  When purchased this way, they often have larger discounts and buying in bulk enables salespeople to hit targets.  The process isn’t just a good situation for the dealer, the manufacturer does well by selling in large volume too.  As the customer, the DISCOUNTED PRICES are then passed on to you.

They are delivered using a transporter so should have very little by the way of mileage.

The first registered keeper of the van is the dealer.  Once delivered, the van will remain in storage or on the forecourt until sold.

Is it a Complete Win-Win Situation?

As with all things in life.  There are pros and cons.

The biggest ‘pro’ is vans at discounted prices. Everybody likes to save money. How much you save can depend on the make and model of the car and also at what time of year you buy. There tends to be more to choose from during March and September when the new registrations are released.

Although not technically ‘new’ these vans are likely to be just a few weeks old and still have the scent and shiny finish of a brand new vehicle.

Because the vans are held in stock, delivery can be very fast.

The aim of the dealer is to move these vehicles on quickly.  To make this possible, they tend to stock the higher spec, more popular models.  So, you can often bag yourself a bargain in a van with plenty of extras.  Although remember, you can’t make any changes or request extras like you would with a factory order vehicle.

So, if you don’t mind being the second name on the log book, there are great savings to be made.

Ex-Demo Bargains

The vans you test drive at your local dealership are also pre-registered.  Many dealerships and traders will have DEMO VANS.  Swiss are no different.  We have a small army of demo vans being driven around South Wales by various members of the Swiss Team.

Our demo vans tend to be a very high spec.  We like to show off what we can do, so our Swiss WASP (Wheel & Styling Package) vans are often used as demo’s and are available for you to come and see.  We also change them frequently, so there are often ex-demo vans available to buy.

This is the latest… If you’re interested, contact the sales team at Swiss Vans.

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