Police Riot Van | VW Crafter

VW Crafter Riot Van

Police Riot Van | VW Crafter

The guys at Volkswagen Van Conversion sin Milton Keynes have brought out a van that’s literally a Riot. It comes with a rigid “Kasiglass” windscreen that’s virtually bullet and brick proof which will disappoint many rioters.

As well as a comfy cell for one in the rear complete with steel bars. Its based on a 5 tonne van and demand must be brisk in 2020 and the Conversion itself is done near Wigan.

  • Seats up to 7 Riot Police
  • Special storage for Riot Shields, Helmets, batons and Non Lethal Riot Guns
  • Special cage reserved for prisoners of Her Majesty that doesn’t look nearly as comfortable as the other seats.
  • No need for a mesh windscreen thanks to new “Kasiglas”

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