Pick-up vs Van: Which One Is Right for You?

Pick-up vs Van

Pick-up vs Van: Which One Is Right for You?

Pick-up vs Van; both offer their unique advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between the two can be a tough decision. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between pick-up trucks and vans and help you determine which one might be the best fit for your needs.

The good news is Swiss Vans can supply you with the first two!

Van Lease or Pick Up Lease?

Each carries their own pros and cons.

We’ll start by stating the obvious.  The panel van has an enclosed area for your cargo, whereas the pickup truck has an open load bed.

This aside, they both offer very similar benefits.

Let’s take our most popular Pick-Up at Swiss:

The ‘Ford Ranger Wildtrak  Lease

Ford Ranger Lease

Pick-up trucks are great for hauling cargo options, especially large items e.g. appliances, furniture or construction materials. Read our blog to find out pickup trucks based on brand and size.

To keep things simple, we’ll challenge it with:

The Ford Transit Custom Leasing Offers

Ford Transit Custom Lease

Arguably, the Transit Custom is more suited to manoeuvring around city streets, it has an impressive turning circle of just 10.9m on this L1 model.  The Ranger, on the other hand, demands more space at 12.4m, definitely more suited to rugged rural terrain.  

This is where the Four wheel drive system takes the Ranger ahead of the game.  

The 4×4 system includes electronic stability control and traction control which team up to give an excellent driving experience both on and off road.

Keeping on side with the Ranger, another plus over the Transit Custom is the ease of loading.  The open bed of the Ranger makes loading and unloading of bulky or heavy items much more manageable.  It boasts an impressive payload of 1045kg.  The towing power of this is rugged off roader is a huge 6000kg (Max GTM).

So we know you can carry a lot, but how far will a gallon of fuel take you?  This 3.2 200ps diesel engine is pretty nippy!  It will take you 33.6 miles on average for your gallon.

Taking you further for your money, the Transit Custom can also carry an impressive amount of weight. Max payload on this is 1166kg,  towing capabilities are slightly less at 5365kg (Max GTM).

Load Security

Back to the obvious difference, the closed load bed v’s the easy to load open bed.  This will hugely impact your decision on which is right for you.  Firstly, security matters:  The open bed is distinctly lacking in security for your tools and protection from the elements.   If you’re carrying valuable tools or cargo, you need to store, and lock them safely inside.  Emptying your open bed pick up of tools every night isn’t ideal.  You might as well hang up a ‘help yourself ‘ sign if you’re leaving them on display overnight.

Ford have this covered (mind the pun!)  An option on the Ranger Limited Double Cab is a Style-X Hard Tonneau Cover.  This tough, lockable cover has a hinged design and will protect your load from thieving hands and unexpected down pours.  The transit also has the potential to be more organised.  There are many after market racking systems available to keep your tools and materials safely and neatly stashed away.  I wouldn’t fancy £100’s of pounds worth of kit rolling about on the flat bed of a pick-up!

Van Vinyl Wraps

You may not have thought about the importance of this one.  The great thing about a panel/transit vans is the amount of ‘panels’ it has available for advertising space.  If advertising is important to you, this is a game changer.

In Conclusion

The line of business you are in will determine which is the right one for you.

If you opt for a double cab in either, you can comfortably carry passengers.  Going for the 170ps Transit Custom would give you more power, and be more comparable to the Ranger.  If you’re on rough terrain, the Ranger is the sensible choice.

The security of the enclosed cab, and the ability to plaster your van in vinyl advertising tips the Transit Custom ahead for me.

Ultimately, your choice of vehicle depends on its intended purpose.  The same principle applies when buying toilet roll.  Whats the intended purpose?  If you’re blowing your nose, you might want to go for the security of some added aloe balm!

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