Peugeot Boxer Professional

Peugeot Boxer Professional

The Peugeot Vans  Boxer Professional was launched in 2006 as its flagship in the line of large panel vans. This van rivals the likes of a Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit, but for a more competitive price.


The current model has been facelifted with its penned front end reminiscent of the Peugeot passenger car, its sharp headlights with an optional running LED lights and the distinctive floating grille. The interior is more spacious – great for transporting people, materials, equipment and other things.

The load capacity is from 1,115kg up to 1,900kg, with a load volume that starts from 8 cubic meters (L1H1 range of low roof and short wheelbase) to an impressive 17 cubic meters in the L4H3 model (high roof, extra long wheelbase). Included in this line of Peugeot are the tippers, chassis cabs, crew cabs and drop-side trucks.

Customers can now start placing their reservations for the much-awaited electric minibus by Peugeot e-Traveller. Efficient, Reliable, Durable and Affordable – these are the qualities of a Peugeot Boxer.
Are you thinking of getting a new panel van? Consider the very affordable Peugeot expert Boxer Professional L3H2 130.

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