Part exchange your van

Part exchange your van

Part exchange your van

Part exchanging your van, means that you get a new van and use your old one as part payment for the new one.  The advantages of vehicle part exchange are numerous. For example, you do not need to pay fees to advertise your van for sale, or find waste time dealing with private buyers – and you may not need to pay a cash deposit.

When you decide to part exchange your van, the dealer will first need to make a part exchange valuation – this will be based upon certain factors such as the age, condition and desirability of the van model.  If the van is newer it will generally hold a better value.

Tips for getting the best part exchange valuation:

  • Make sure you have all the paper work, including the logbook (V5C Document), MOT certificates, as well as logs and invoices of any work done on the vehicle and any manuals.
  • Check your service history. Vehicles that have been serviced regularly and within manufacturer’s service schedule are likely to hold a better part exchange value. If you don’t have this, it may be obtainable, speak to your local garage or dealer.
  • Fix any problems or damage. If your van has damaged body work or scratches – consider paying to get them fixed, as well as any known faults. – But make sure that the work does not cost more than any potential value gained in the part exchange.
  • Clean and polish the car. Make sure the van is looking at it’s best, inside and out. Give it a good vacuum and polish or get it valeted professionally.
  • Grab all the keys and fobs including spares, there should be at least one main key and one spare.
  • Be wary of some dealers who will try to give you a low valuation on your old van but disguise it with a temping offer on the new one – alternatively they may give you a good deal on your old van and use this to stop you trying to knock down the price of the new van.
  • Be honest about your vans condition – Failure to mention major problems or damage could mean that the part-exchange offer is reduced or even refused.
  • Know your minimum part exchange value and stick to it. Be prepared to walk away.
Van Part Exchange

Get the best part exchange deal offers van part exchange and you can start this process online using the online van part exchange form – where by you can fill in all the particulars of your current vehicle such as the manufacturer, model, registration number, age and any outstanding finance there is to pay – as well as upload a photo. Swiss vans will then get back to you with a fair valuation and figure of how much they can give you towards the new van you desire.

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