New Volkswagen Transporter T7 - Anticipated Launch dates, Pricing, and Features

Unveiling the VW Transporter T7

New VW Transporter T7
New VW Transporter T7 release date

What is the VW Transporter T7 Release date?

The new Volkswagen Transporter T7 is scheduled to be unveiled in Spring 2024. However, customers can expect the delivery of this next-generation van only in 2025. Despite the future release date, Volkswagen has already started sharing official details and images of this eagerly awaited medium-sized panel van.

t7 vw transporter
New WV Transporter T7 steerling wheel

Pricing Expectations for the VW Transporter T7

What is the price of the VW Transporter T7?

Pricing for the VW Transporter T7 is expected to start above to start at around £35,000 for the base model. The actual price will depend on various factors, including the specific trim level, powertrain choice, and options selected. The precise pricing for the new Volkswagen Transporter T7 has not yet been released. 

Here’s a rough breakdown of the expected pricing based on trim levels: 

VW Transporter T7 video

Design and Features of the VW Transporter T7

The VW Transporter T7 is set to redefine the standards for medium-sized vans. It is expected to inherit design elements from its predecessor while introducing innovative features. The van’s camouflage in teaser images hints at a large Volkswagen badge, a distinct grille design, compact LED headlights, and a significantly large windscreen enhancing visibility. Notably, the Transporter T7 won’t serve as the basis for the California camper van, instead giving way to the T7 Multivan for that role.

VW T7 Transporter Payload and towing capacity

Volkswagen has yet to reveal the full specifications for the T7, but it is expected to offer similar dimensions and features to the Ford Transit Custom, including a maximum payload of around 1,100kg and a towing capacity of up to 2,000kg. There’s also speculation about VW offering an electric version of the Transporter, potentially with a range comparable to the Transit Custom’s EV version. The possibility of a plug-in hybrid model is less certain, as Volkswagen has not yet extended this technology to its commercial vehicle range.

VW T7 Transporter photos

Electric VW Transporter T7

The Transporter T7 will offer an array of powertrain choices, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. From efficient diesel engines in various power outputs to a potent plug-in hybrid and a fully electric version, Volkswagen aims to meet the demands of all its customers. The eTransporter, as the electric variant is known, is expected to deliver exceptional performance and range, ensuring that Volkswagen stays ahead in the evolving world of commercial electric vehicles. 

Collaboration Between VW and Ford

The Transporter T7, developed in conjunction with Ford, shares its platform with the new Ford Transit Custom. This partnership signifies an integration of advanced technologies and robust design, promising to elevate the overall performance and capabilities of the T7. The collaboration ensures that the Transporter T7 will not only meet but exceed the expectations set by its bestselling predecessor.


Pricing Expectations for the VW Transporter T7

Yes, the Transporter T7 will include a fully electric variant known as the eTransporter and Plug-in Hybrid.

What makes the Transporter T7 different from its predecessors?

The T7 introduces a modern design, enhanced powertrains including electric options, and features a platform developed in collaboration with Ford.

Can we expect advanced technology features in the T7?

Absolutely, the T7 is expected to come with cutting-edge technology including a digital cockpit and advanced driver-assist systems.

When can customers start ordering the VW Transporter T7?

Orders are expected to commence following its unveiling in Spring 2024, with deliveries starting in 2025.

New VW T7 Transporters

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