The All New Volkswagen Transporter Petrol Range

the all new volkswagen petrol

The All New Volkswagen Transporter Petrol Range

Volkswagen Transporter Petrol TSI engines.

Volkswagen has announced the launch of TSI petrol engines in its Transporter range.


Not really… Diesel engines have been hitting the news of late with warnings that we’re running low on supplies,  add to this the changes in legislation and tax, the petrol option is looking attractive.  The petrol engines are not only cheaper, they also transmit a lower level of harmful emissions.  If you look into the increasing drives towards ultra-low emissions zones in towns and cities, its easy to see why these new petrol transporter vans would be tempting and diesel is becoming increasingly unattractive to some buyers.

The Volkswagen Transporter petrol is a sensible option for drivers who cover a low annual mileage and get a buzz from the agility and a refinement of a petrol engine.

A whopping 95% of vans on the road today are diesel. However, a petrol van isn’t so out of the ordinary. There is already a choice of petrol engines available in the VW Caddy range. There are several large manufacturers making petrol powered small vans, including the Ford with its Transit Courier.  However, VW is the first to offer a petrol option in the mid sized van sector. 

Why are petrol vans considered to be such an odd choice?

Diesel has always been the ‘go-to’ choice for van drivers. Diesel vans offer a high fuel efficiency with better pulling power bought by the higher torque. Diesel was once the cheaper fuel at the pumps too, but this is a thing of the past. Diesel has been priced above petrol for some time now.

What is TSI?

Volkswagen’s breakthrough technology for petrol engines.  ‘Turbocharged Stratified Injection’ the TSI engines are high-powered and more efficient.  This pioneering technology takes the best elements of the TDI diesel and FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) engines and blends them together for outstanding performance.

Petrol V Diesel?

Which is the right choice for you?  The new petrol TSI won’t suit the needs of everyone,  particularly those covering high motorway mileage in heavily loaded vehicles.

Suited to minor road (A and B)
Sporty driving style
Great City Performance
Economical over short distances
Cheaper purchase costs
Cheaper insurance premiums
Cheaper servicing
Excellent motorway driving
Ideal for towing
Ideal for hilly countryside
Economical over long distances
More expensive purchase costs
More expensive insurance premiums
More expensive servicing

 A lower purchase price or lower fuel costs?

 Volkswagen has announced that the new TSI Petrol Transporters will knock around £1,000 off the on the road price, compared to its diesel counterparts.

With a higher purchase price and a greater fuel efficiency on the diesel option, VW has said that, based on current fuel prices, you would need to cover around 18,000 miles in a 150hp diesel before you would make up the £1000 extra you paid out at the time of purchase. You would also save well-earned cash eliminating the potential Diesel Particulate Filter issues and by not having to top up Ad-blue every 5,000 miles!

If you cover lower miles, on shorter trips, the petrol TSI could be a sensible choice for you. Especially worth considering if you frequently drive in those towns and cities, jumping on ultra-low emissions zones.

Choosing a Petrol TSI Transporter

If you’ve decided that a petrol engine could be right for you, there is a choice of a 150PS or a 204ps, equal power output to the diesel TDI. Both are a 2.0-litre, four cylinder turbo engine.

The 150hp TSI is six-speed manual, front-wheel drive. The 204ps gives you a choice of 4 wheel drive, as well as a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

Van Fuel Economy

A SWB 2.0TDI 150PS EU6 6-speed manual diesel returns 46.3 combined mpg, whereas the petrol equivalent only gives you 31.0 mpg.

We know it can match the power output, but how about the important pull?
If you’re carrying a heavy load, then the pulling capabilities should be carefully considered.
150PS Petrol – 280Nm V’s 150PS Diesel – 340Nm
204PS Petrol – 350Nm V’s 204PS Diesel – 450Nm

This new range of Petrol Powered Transporters is available to order now.


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