New Vehicles are cheaper! Check out how you can save money on buying new vehicles!

New Vehicles are cheaper! Check out how you can save money on buying new vehicles!

You might be a little concerned about purchasing a new vehicle because when you drive off the lot they decrease in value. But when you stop and think about it that is really not something you need to be concerned about.


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People who are looking to drive good, dependable vehicles know they must buy new, or nearly new. Purchasing a vehicle that has a lot of miles on it is risky because you never know when something is going to go wrong.


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With used vehicles you never know why the former owner traded them in. Perhaps it was just the desire to own a different, or newer vehicle, but it also may be because they had a lemon. Those who know vehicles know that a lemon will give problems and will likely have many high repair bills. This is why new vehicles can be cheaper.


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When you stop and think about it, new vehicles come with a warranty. Some brands offer a 30,000 mile warranty and others offer a 100,000 mile warranty. The warranty tells the customer that the manufacturer feels their workmanship is good enough to withstand many miles without repair. It they did poor work they could quickly go broke repairing their warranted vehicles.


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There are also other reasons why new vehicles can be cheaper. Most new vehicles get better gas mileage than the older ones. This alone can be quite a savings when considering the gas prices today. For those who drive 12,000 or more a year, a new vehicle can save them hundreds of dollars in gas consumption.

While it may be true that a new vehicle depreciates quickly once purchased, the savings in repairs and gas mileage can quickly surpass the depreciated number. Unless you purchase a vehicle that has very few miles on it, you usually do not get a warranty on used vehicles. It is common for repair bills to run in excess of $2,000. It wouldn’t take many of those repair bills to double the depreciation.


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There is a very real sense of confidence when purchasing a new vehicle. You expect to be able to get into your new vehicle, turn on the key, and start the engine. Repair bills are not a concern because you know the manufacturer has provided you with a warranty that tells you they are also confident that their product will withstand the test of time.

These are just a few of the reasons why new vehicles can be cheaper. They can provide you with peace of mind.



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