New Van Security Features

New Van Security Features

New Van Security Features

Vans have typically been easy targets for thieves. Their many doors have provided thieves easy access to whatever is inside. Nothing can be more frustrating to go shopping and then find out that somebody has broken into your van and help themselves to your purchases. You can call the police and file a report, but rarely are those types of crimes every solved. New vans come with advanced safety features as well as security aspects. These security features offer a sense of confidence to van owners because the features have kept thieves at bay.

Lock Installation to Increase Van Security

Advanced Locking Systems

New locking systems have been very successful at protecting van security. Some lock systems are added to the outside of the van and work to serve as even more security than regular locks. Some of these locking systems work much like a padlock, but without the hassle of a padlock and key.

Van External Lock
Vans are often used by companies for product delivery. The delivery driver often leaves the van running while they run inside to make a delivery. This leaves the van as a prime target for a quick thinking thief who can just jump inside and take off. Many of these new locking systems can be remotely controlled, allowing the driver to make their delivery without fear of compromising their van security.

van door screens

Vans often contain the tools of the trade of the owner. Many people make their living out of a van. Often there are valuable tools stored inside that would put the owner out of business if stolen. New van safety features include alarm systems that can be set by the driver. Some of these alarm systems are so sensitive they will even go off is somebody leans against the van. Once activated, these alarms will loudly sound for at least 60 seconds or more.

Van Door Lock

While 60 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time, it is plenty of time to attract the attention of others. If you are on a parking lot and you hear a car alarm go off, you automatically look in the direction of the alarm. Most would-be thieves will run as fast as they can when they set off an alarm.

Vans are valuable to their owners. They serve to either transport tools of the trade, or they transport family products and purchases. New van security features are a great way to protect the items that are being transported inside the van. When shopping for a van, always ask the sales personnel about the security features offered with the van. It will serve to provide you with better peace of mind.

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