A New Van Could Improve Your Business

A New Van Could Improve Your Business

Arriving at a client’s house or place of work in a rickety van that has seen better days will likely leave a bad first impression and lower your chances of winning the business of the client.

A survey conducted by Populus in 2013 indicated that the condition of a tradesman’s van directly affects business. First impression lasts and how a tradesman van looks is important in making a good first impression.

It may not be a positive attribute but it is human nature to pass judgment on a person or an object based on appearance.

Which van makes the better first impression?

old and new van

Decrepit Van Could Cost You Business

Seeing a person in tatty clothes leads most to think that the person is financially disabled. A crumbling house that has seen better days leaves the impression that the owners do not have the extra money to take care of their house or that they are too lazy to care. A trade van in poor condition would definitely create a wrong impression that could potentially affect business. A dilapidated trade van can influence the amount of work contracted, the price charged for services and the reputation of the business.

Who would want to do business with a tradesman with a crumbling van? A potential client it most likely to think that “the business is not doing well because the owner cannot afford to upgrade his van”. This train of thought could lead to “the business is not doing well because the tradesman is not skilled enough”. Now, who would want to hire an unskilled plumber or joiner or electrician?

According to the survey, the age of the tradesman van also affects customers’ confidence pertaining to the quality of work offered. It is also important to display the company logo on the van.

Replacing an old van may seem quite a move for tradesmen because of its effect on future income. But not replacing an old van may save money now but after some time, more money will be wasted or spend than saved. Why? An old and crumbling van will not only deter customers but will also need frequent repairs.

Time to Get a New Van

Swiss Vans can help you in securing a new van for your business. What we offer in terms contract hire and leasing are very affordable. For a very low initial payment, you can drive away with your new van without a considerable dent in your pocket.

A new vans will definitely be profitable and beneficial for your business or trade. Some of the benefits of a contract hire aside from low initial outlay includes pre-determined monthly rental rate, flexible contract of 1 to 4 years, and the van is an off-balance sheet property. Now is a good time to finally get a new van in time for the end of the financial year.

Swiss Vans can help you get a new van under contract hire or finance lease. Call us up now to facilitate the process.

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