New Mercedes Vito Sport 2019

New Mercedes Vito Sport 2019

The 2019 Mercedes Vito: A perfect blend of performance and elegance. This 2019 Mercedes Vito luxurious and versatile van redefines modern transportation with cutting-edge technology, premium design, and advanced safety features.

The Mercedes Vito Sport has had a bit of an upgrade.
These are decent vans that tend to hold their value and we even have a WASP kit ready for them.

Old 1970s radio
Side bars
Old alloys

New Pioneer Satnav
Side skirts
New alloy wheels
Optional factory leather
Stripe on bonnet
There is a larger range of colours

The Mercedes Vito Sport

The Mercedes Vito Sport here as been out in some form or another really for the last 10 years but received mixed reviews. The shape changed in 2014 when production was moved in Vitoria Spain. This time the body is fully galvanised, engined are updated.
There are two main engines used in the Vito the 114 and the 160. The latter is a 2.2 and quite a remarkable engine. Although we dont offer remapping anymore the engine comes ex works at 160 but can be factory mapped to 190 plus. Some are at 230 ps.
Combine this with a decent gearbox and a few toys and you have a van that can outperform a Volkswagen T6 at a similar price to a Ford Transit Custom Sport

The stripes are not to everyones taste but we can remove for a small fee or perhaps have a go yourself.
The New Mercedes Vito Sport works out quite well on a lease thanks to the excellent resale vale.
Typically £300 to £400 a month plus VAT depending on the deposit

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