New Mercedes Vito 2019: Three Trim Levels Revealed

New Mercedes Vito 2019

New Mercedes Vito 2019: Three Trim Levels Revealed

Mercedes-Benz is beginning 2019 by releasing three new specifications for the Vito panel van and crew van. This introduction allows customers to find the Mercedes Vito which best suits their needs.

From January 2019, the Mercedes Vito range offers the specifications of PURE, PROGRESSIVE and PREMIUM. Whether it is shifting cargo or transporting passengers, every Vito model now comes with automatic headlights, leather trimmed steering wheel and parking sensors.

What do the new specifications include?

Let’s first go through the specifications New Mercedes Vito 2019 includes. Grab the one that you prefer, you can eventually look for van finance options to have the preferred one.


At entry-level and most affordable is the PURE. For those who may be subjected to a bump or ding here and there, this is a no-frills option for the Mercedes Vito. However, it still comes with parking assist, heated door mirrors and heat insulating glass. Bluetooth and USB can be used with Mercedes Audio 10 infotainment system.


On top of this, the PROGRESSIVE trim comes with an image enhancement which includes a metallic paintjob, wheel trims and colour coded bumpers. There is also the addition of cruise control as well as a colour screen with the Audio 15 infotainment system.


The top of the range PREMIUM gets 17” alloy wheels, air-conditioning, reversing camera and velour floor mats. It also comes with a comprehensive anti-theft protection, which includes a double-lock.

What engines can I get with the Mercedes Vito?

The engine which is available across all the new trim levels is the 114 CDI. This means the option of an automatic and rear-wheel drive is there for all new Mercedes Vito owners.

There are 1.6 litre options available for the PURE and 2.1 litre for the PREMIUM with a choice between either size for the PROGRESSIVE. Front wheel drive is standard with the 1.6L engines with power coming from the rear wheels with the 2.1L.

Engine outputs

  • PURE: 109, 111 and 114
  • PROGRESSIVE: 109, 111, 114 and 116
  • PREMIUM: 114, 116 and 119

Following the launch of the new Mercedes Vito 2019 range, Steve Bridge, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, said: “By introducing three distinct trim levels to Vito, we hope to provide a clear and consistent offering to van owners and operators so that they can compare our products and services to the competition and choose the best solution for them and their business.”

What else is new with the Vito?

Whereas before the Mercedes Vito came in lengths of Compact, Long and Extra Long, they are now referred to simply as L1, L2 and L3.

The Vito Tourer, which is the multi-person vehicle version of the van, retains its PRO and SELECT trims. However, a Sport trim will be introduced for this model in the Spring of 2019.

Final Thoughts

The new Mercedes Vito 2019 unveils three impressive trim levels, each setting new standards for versatility and luxury in commercial vans. With its meticulous design, advanced features, and exceptional performance, this van promises to redefine the driving experience.

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