The All New Ford Transit Connect

The All New Ford Transit Connect

The All New Ford Transit Connect

The All New Ford Transit Connect is now available at Swiss Vans. The Ford Transit Connect is a small van, the sliding side door is small too, but access to the rear through this door is hampered by the fact that the steel bulkhead behind the cabin protrudes into the upper space. Pushing tools and boxes in at floor height is easy, but trying to squeeze shoulders through the aperture to reach something on the other side necessitates a bit of twisting.

The All New Ford Transit Connect

It’s hard to make a box on wheels look sexy. All too often, the vehicle designers end up with a perfectly practical load carrier, but with the visual appeal of a brown paper bag. Workmanlike, but no fashion accessory. On the other hand, what Ford has done with the new Transit Connect is dangerously close to looking sexy.

The All New Ford Transit Connect

The new Ford Transit Connect is one of the smartest looking compact vans on the road, and also one of the most comfortable to drive. It’s frugal, reasonably well appointed, and if things go wrong there are 222 Ford dealers around the UK. What’s not to like?

The All New Ford Transit Connect

• Excellent fuel economy
• Comfortable cab and ride quality
• Smart enough to make the driver feel good

• It’s not a three seater
• Skimpy seat width
• Load-through hatch in bulkhead could be bigger

The All New Ford Transit Connect

Dont Forget we also do van accessories!

The Vanorak™

This product which is exclusive to Swiss VanTek is the answer to storing and transporting your cargo with ease. With its unique design The Vanorak sits just behind the rear wheel arches of a VW Transporter.

The Vanorak stores your cargo safely and neatly to prevent it from moving around.

The Vanorak is a rugged construction moulded from high strength MDPE and sturdy enough to hold heavy items. It is separated into three compartments each of which is water proof.

Compartment 1 – is lidded as a removable wine/bottle rack

Compartment 2 – for holding larger items

Compartment 3 – a lid which doubles as a tray so that items such as handbags can be stored underneath

Umbrella holes are located on each side to make sure you are always prepared

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Credits to John Fife of auto trader

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