2023 Ford Ranger Availability – Wait is Almost Over

2023 Ford Ranger Availability – Wait is Almost Over

The 2023 Ford Ranger is set to hit our shores very soon, and the anticipation is just growing by the day. There are a few models expected to come out, which will also leave you with a few trim and cab options. Powered by an all-new 3.0 litre V6 292 HP engine with a 10 speed automatic gearbox and tons of extras, this truck is ready to hit the road or make its own. As all the American Ford F-150 or F-250 lovers out there, this truck was designed to mimic the power and functionality of the F-150, while being the perfect fit for European city driving as well. Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the reasons this truck is gathering such hype. I will also talk about when you can place your reservation for a build slot and expect to see it on the showroom floors.

Models and trims

Ford has come up with some heavy-duty trim levels in Ranger 2023; though not all models and trims will be released in the UK at the same time, there are several models of the Ford Ranger set to be released in the UK. You will have three choices of body styles — single cab, double or crew cab, and super cab. The super cab is the best offer for seating in a work truck, as it comes with a second rear seat. To add more ability to customise your 2023 Ford Ranger, it will come with the choice of four trims — XL, XLT, Limited, and Wildtrak. With all these choices and combinations, there is sure to be a perfect build for you, whether you need stowability / towability or passenger space, off-road capability, or an all-together strong combination.

Looks as Ford tough as it drives — inside and out

The new Ranger was built to fit the city streets in Europe, yet mimic the American F-150. The 2023 Ford Ranger with its new look lives up to the term “Built Ford Tough” inside and out. With a permanent four-wheel drive, a big beefy motor, and tons of new driver assist modes, this truck can take your business anywhere. The interior is a techy’s dream, with dual screens for the 12″ touch screen infotainment system, as well as one to replace the traditional gauges. The looks get better with the addition of leather seats, lots of legroom, and even the possibility of more leather to deck the dashboard, depending on your desired trim.

The exterior is just as beefy! The truck has been enlarged in every way possible. It’s wider, longer, taller, and can haul more than any Ford UTE ever made. With the increased height and up to 20″ diamond cut or machined alloy wheels, the new ground clearance allows you to tread through mud and water up to 800 mm — an astonishing improvement from the old fording depth of 500 mm. The team at Ford then gave this truck chrome trim, black wheels, unique head and tail lamps, and so much more. Completing the look to make a truck unlike any other that can drive through almost anything, and make the mud that sticks to it just look like a trophy.


As if you need another reason to be excited about the 2023 Ford Ranger, the truck can haul more than ever before. It can haul up to 1296 kg and tow an impressive 3.5 tonnes.  The cargo area is wider than before, with the ability to utilise the tailgate as more stowing space. You can carry all the long or wide materials you need, or even fit at least one full size EuroPallet in the cargo area. If you need to ferry people, a standard cab is spacious, or you can opt for the super cab and have so much more space for people. You may have to give up a bit of cargo space, but the roof can hold enough weight for a four-man roof tent, so you truly won’t miss much. The thought that went into this all new Ford work truck is uncanny. The tailgate can even double as stowing space or a workbench — with a built-in ruler and pockets to attach clamps. The tailgate even has built-in cup holders and a bottle opener, so you can party after the job is done or camp out after a long off-road drive. As an added surprise, Ford can even install a 400w power socket in the bed for all your tools and toys alike. It even comes with an integrated management system for all your cargo needs.

Expected pricing

The prices for the 2023 Ford Ranger have not been set in stone yet. The pricing that has been mentioned through the rumour mill sounds very fair, considering the pure power, space, strength, and style of this truck. According to what is out for price estimates, we could be looking at prices between £27,500 for the base model and trim, up to £48,000 for the highest trim plus all the extras.

When will we see the 2023 Ford Ranger here?

The much anticipated all-new 2023 Ford Ranger is set to hit the UK streets with all the available options for the UK market as late as spring or summer of this year. Ordering is open now and going fast! You can place an order for a stock truck or reserve a build slot and receive a custom off the factory floor beast of a UTE

Come talk to us about your new truck

We offer ford in Bridgend. Give us a call or come on out to the office to talk about your financing options and place your order today. Here at Swiss Vans, we can fit any budget with lease, contract hire, hire purchase, or finance lease one or a whole fleet of Raptors. If you want, you can even reserve a build slot, so you can have a brand new custom off the factory floor truck. We will be more than happy to help you drive off the lot with a 2023 Ford Ranger, customised to fit your needs, as soon as it hits the floor.

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