Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels for Incredible Performance

Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels for Incredible Performance

There’s been tremendous hype about the New Ford Ranger Lease that is set to hit United Kingdom roads sometime in early 2023 and for very good reason. At Swiss Vans, we are definitely excited. Part workhorse, part off-roading adventurer, the powerful new Ford Ranger is going to take the pick-up market by storm. With a larger wheelbase and increased overall length, various body styles and high-performance engine specifications, the new Ford Ranger has a lot to offer. Keeping that powerful vehicle connected to the road – or dirt if you’re off-roading – Ford Ranger alloy wheels are available as either options or standard inclusions, depending on the model trim specifications.

Alloy wheels can often be dismissed as simply decorative because their good looks are certainly eye-catching. However, there are a lot of practical and performance reasons to reconsider your wheel choices and upgrade to an alloy wheel, especially on a pick-up that will be working hard and maybe playing even harder. So, what is an alloy wheel, anyway?

What makes a wheel an alloy wheel?

Technically, all automotive wheels are made from a metal alloy but not all wheels are alloy wheels. How does this work? A metal alloy is simply a combination of metals or metals and other elements that are blended and treated to produce a specific effect. The basic form of the most common standard wheels is steel, which is a metal alloy made up of around 98% iron and 2% carbon. Standard steel wheels tend to be heavy, but they get the job done. In the automotive world, the term ‘alloy wheels’ refers to nonferrous (which means they aren’t made from iron) wheels.

Typically, alloy wheels are comprised of a different combination of metals, most frequently 98% Aluminium and 2% of another metal or metals which can include titanium, nickel, zinc, or copper. Another common term that refers to a type of alloy wheel is ‘mags’ which refers to wheels made from a magnesium-based alloy. Aluminium – alloy. Magnesium – mags. Makes sense. Magnesium is the lightest of the three base wheel metals, but it is also more corrosive which can result in a compromise on durability.

The lightness, strength and durability of aluminium means it has become the most frequently used base metal for alloy wheels. Alloy wheels can be manufactured in a variety of ways including forging and casting. Compared to standard pressed steel wheels, there are many different casting techniques, including gravity cast, high pressure diecast, and low pressure diecast, which, when used in conjunction with specific repeated heating and cooling techniques, create alloy wheels with different weight, performance, durability, appearance and price outcomes in the New Ford Ranger Lease

Clearly, there’s a lot more to Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels than just being shiny.

The wheels go ‘round and ‘round, isn’t that enough?

Will steel wheels keep your Ford Ranger moving? Yes. Should you settle for steel wheels on your new Ford if alloy wheels aren’t included in your chosen trim option? There are many performance reasons why an upgrade to Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels is a very good idea. The New Ford Ranger can carry a huge load capacity of 1309kg on a single cab model, and 1179kg on the double cab models. That load capacity combined with the overall vehicle mass is a lot of weight going onto the wheels and the brakes.

That combined mass has the potential to become very cumbersome. One of the greatest benefits of Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels is they are stronger than both steel and mag wheels, so they have less flex when cornering resulting in improved handling. With a large pick-up carrying heavy loads, improved handling is extremely valuable. The decreased weight of Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels, when compared to standard steel wheels, also results in reduced unsprung mass which can also help improve handling and reduce the stress on the suspension, which in turn results in a smoother ride.

Alloy wheels have superior heat dissipation, which reduces the likelihood of brakes overheating or failing and extends brake life through reduced wear and tear. Again, with the heavy loads most Ford Rangers will be carrying, alloy wheels offer increased, safety, better handling and reduced brake wear and tear which all combine to improve fuel efficiency long-term.

In these times of seemingly ever-increasing inflation, these types of savings can be worth pursuing.

Which trims have what type of New Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels?

Depending on the trim level chosen, Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels may already be included as standard with your Ranger. However, even with alloy wheels included, upgraded options may still be available.

The base model XL comes with standard 16-inch steel wheels in silver with a silver, steel spare wheel.

The XLT includes 16-inch Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels in silver with a black steel spare as standard or an upgraded option of 17-inch silver steel wheels with a black steel spare wheel. The XLT also includes further upgraded options for 17-inch alloy wheels in either silver or Panther Black, both with a black, steel spare wheel.

The Limited comes with 17-inch alloy wheels in silver with a black steel spare wheel as standard with an upgrade option to the Panther Black 17-inch alloy wheels available.

The Wildtrak includes 18-inch alloy machined wheels in Boulder Grey with a fully matching spare wheel.

The Raptor is fitted with 17-inch Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels in Dyno Grey, again with a fully matching spare wheel included.

But why settle for just the options from Ford for your new Ranger?

Can I upgrade my Ranger alloy wheels further?

Yes, you absolutely can upgrade your wheels and tyres even further beyond the options included with the New Ford Ranger finance that are listed here. If you’ve decided you want your Ford Ranger to have the best connection with the road and the off-road, at Swiss Vans we stock an extensive range of Ford Ranger Alloy Wheels and can assist you in choosing the right size wheels and tyres to get the best, most durable, safest, and most responsive drive possible.

We source both standard and premium alloy wheels from the most reputable brands around the world. These include Assassin TRS, Wraith, Aero Super-T, OZ Racing, Calibre, AEZ, BBS and many more.

Call us for advice on choosing the best alloy wheels for your new Ford Ranger. Custom build slots and body kit upgrade slots can be booked prior to vehicle release dates, so while you’re waiting for your new Ford Ranger to hit the roads, let Swiss Vans help you create the pick-up of your dreams.

Book a call back, today.

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