The New Citroen Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van

The New Citroen Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van

The New Citroen Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van

The New Citroen Berlingo 725 l2 Crew Van. This award winning 5-seat van from the Citroen Berlingo range is a VAT-reclaimable van as it meets all the HM Revenue & Customs requirements that have been set for a van. The Berlingo 725L2 Crew Van is a van with a unique combination of 5 seats, a great 1,320/1,805 mm load length, 716kg payload and a load compartment of 2.4/3.5cu.m. The van runs on a fuel efficient 90 hp engine which provides it with the required power to use the van for both personal and commercial purposes.

Optimum safety to passengers

The bulkhead design and innovative sliding/folding rear seat of this versatile new van offers optimum passenger safety and load compartment volume. The van’s seating design consists of a driver’s seat, a passenger’s seat and a 3-seat rear bench. In addition to this, there is a full-height metal bulkhead that can be folded if required and not in use.

If the rear seat is to be used, it is the bulkhead which separates the five-seat crew compartment from the van’s load compartment. In case you need to use the van for personal use and only with a passenger, you can always use the Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van as a two-seater.

Can be used as a two-seater when required

To do this, you just have to release the catches on the rear seat. This helps fold the seat back forward to about a 180 degrees vertical position behind the front seat. At the same time, the bulkhead which is attached to the seat back, slides forwards on runners to the desired position behind front seats to provide you with the comfort and privacy of a 2-seater.

This van especially appeals to LCV customers and is high in demand from operators involved in the utilities maintenance, civil engineering and construction businesses. This is because the van can be conveniently used to carry the minimal equipment and supplies these businesses require in their line of work.

Standard equipment of the crew van

The van is equipped with standard equipment like unglazed twin sliding, side load doors and unglazed asymmetrical rear doors. In addition to this, the van comes with a central locking system, heat restraints, electric front windows and to top it all, it’s five seats have three-point inertia seatbelts. The feature that makes this Crew Van unique from other vans in the market is the Trackstar and the Trafficmaster Smartnav stolen vehicle tracking system.


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