Most Economical Small-sized Vans for 2014-2015

Most Economical Small-sized Vans for 2014-2015

Though fuel prices tend to be quite stable over the past few months, running costs are still a primary concern for most van owners and operators. There are various brands and models of small vans in the market today, each claiming fuel economy. Here Swiss Vans presents the ten most fuel efficient small panel vans based on their claimed miles per gallon.

Ford Transit Connect 1.6TDCi 95 Econetic S/S claims 67.3mpg, same as the Renault Kangaroo. This model is the latest in the its line, boasting of econetic technology, improved aerodynamic design and improved 1.6 litre duratorq engine. Fuel efficiency can be further improved to 70.6 mpg if a 62 mph speed limiter is fitted.

Ford Vans

Renault Kangoo ML19dci 75 Energy at 67.3mpg shares the top spot with the Ford Transit Connect. Working with the Formula 1 team, the engineers at Renault designed and developed the Energy package. This concept is deemed the next gen solution for recovery of diesel engines and efficient energy conservation.


Mercedes-Benz Citan 109Cdi Blue Efficiency boast of a 65.7mpg. Basically, the Mercedes-Benz- Citan is the same as the Renault Kangaroo as both use the same engine. Nevertheless, the Energy package of the Renault is not quite the same as the BlueEfficiency package of the Mercedes-Benz. However, the claimed mpg is not bad at all.

Fiat Doblo Cargo 1.3mJet Ecojet claims 64.2mpg. The Ecojet engine of the Fiat Doblo Cargo facilitates reduced fuel consumption through its aerodynamic pack, an intelligent alternator, low-rolling resistance tyres and more. The standard version with stop/start feature has an mpg of 53.9

6 doblo

Citroen Berlingo 1.6 e-HDi 90 EGT6 Airdream has 62.8mpg. The standard version has a 57.7 mpg which is also quite high. Opting for fuel-saving Airdream technology and semi-automatic ETG6 transmission will increase fuel efficiency by at least 5.1mpg. The options cost around £2,500 which is not quite as staggering when one considers the increased fuel efficiency.

6 berlingo

Vauxhall Combo 1.3CDTi 90 Ecoflex 58.9mpg is slightly lower than the Fiat Doblo as this model’s engine was not updated to Ecojet. However, this model still manages a decent mpg thanks to its minute 1.3 litre engine.

vauxhall combo-273978-medium

Peugeot Partner 1.6 e-HDi 90 S/S ranks 7th in the most economical small-sized vans list with its 57.6mpg. This variant was introduced in February 2015. Peugeot claims a 15% fuel efficiency improvement but considering the innovative energy-saving e-HDi technology of the brand, the miles per gallon rating is not really that great.

7 partner3

Nissan NV200 1.5dCi 89PS has a 57.6mpg, same as the Peugeot Partner. The van’s high roof and its lack of any fuel efficiency feature and variant only means that this van is not really designed for fuel economy. The engine is a1.5-litre Nissan-Renault. Fitted in a Renault Kangaroo, the mpg could climb up to 67.3.

8 nissan nv200

Volkswagen Caddy 1.6TDi 75 Bluemotion’s 53.3mpg is not exactly staggering in terms of fuel efficiency. Nevertheless, it is still rated in the top ten most economical small-sized vans for 2014-2015. The Bluemotion version features stop/start technology, low-rolling resistance tyres and brake energy recuperation.

9 caddy

DFSK Loadhopper 1-litre K-Series (petrol) has an mpg of 38.2. This is an Asian brand and is quite different in terms of price, load dimensions, ride, accessibility, safety and fuel economy. It’s economical since it uses petrol.

10 loadhopper

That concludes our series on the most economical vans for 2014-2015. Call us now for enquiries.

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