Mixed Stock March 29 2022

Mixed Stock March 29 2022

The following vehicles are in stock or about to arrive. Its worth ringing us as stock and prices can change daily. Welcome to 2022.
But f you are fed up of endless hours on the phone you will find a van.

  • Ford Custom SWB 130 WASP Hornet or Just Plain
    Silver Hornet x 2
    Silver plain x 3
    Black x 2
    Magnetic x 2
    Chrome blue x 3
    White x 1
  • Ford Custom SWB 130 Double Cab 130 WASP Hornet Or Just Plain
    Double Cab Silver Hornet x 2
    Double Cab Silver plain x2
    Double Cab Magnetic x 1
    Double Cab Chrome Blue x 2
  • Ford Custom LWB
    Double Cab Magnetic x 2
  • Ford Custom Double Cab 130 LWB
    LWB Magnetic x 2
  • Ford Ranger Hornet x1 Black (potentially 2)
  • VW Transporter 150 Highline in stock Barn doors manual x 1
  • Renault Trafic Hornet 130 Grey


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