Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz Vito Dualiner Sport X – Swiss Vans

Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz Vito Dualiner Sport X – Swiss Vans

Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz Vito Dualiner Sport X is here!!

The Mercedes Benz Vito Dualiner Sport X is very nice!

The Mercedes Vito for sale Dualiner Sport X has the full package, making it an ideal choice for any business that is constantly on the go. Not only is this vehicle packed with added features to make your driving experience more enjoyable and comfortable, but it also has a smart exterior and is of course, as you’d expect of a Mercedes Vito Benz, a very reliable and efficient performance.

Mercedes-Benz- Vito Dualiner Sport X

It gives a fantastic payload allowance of 845 kilograms and a modest 1.2 metres long load length. They alsomake a Mercedes Vito Tourer This can be extended to 1.6 metres by simply folding the rear seat forward, or alternatively you could take it out completely to give you a fantastic 2 metre load length. So as you can see, there is plenty of room to store all of your tools of the trade.

You really can expect a great performance with the Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz Vito Dualiner, even when running on empty. It boasts a 221 BHP V6 litre turbo diesel engine, power steering and wide, grippy continental tyres. Overtaking has never been so easy! You are given a perfectly elevated commanding view of the road ahead, with a high LCV seat. We have some Mercedes Vito  with delivery mileage Covering a high mileage can be done with both ease and comfort with the Vito, which is why it is so perfect for those that spend a lot of time on the road.

John Fife of autotrader had this to say..

“If a potential punter starts at the bottom of the spec  sheet where the price is listed, he/she may never look up, because the price is a sobering £35,553 (incl VAT), but that will be their loss. This is not just a van, this is an M&S van. Put it this way, if someone offered me a Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz E Class estate (more or less the same money) or a Vito Sport-X, I would have the van every time.”

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz Vito lease, simply give us a call on 01656 837254 or fill out our enquiry form.

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