Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and eVito will have new ServiceCare and Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and eVito will have new ServiceCare and Maintenance

The Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd. has come up with a fresh Maintenance & Complete ServiceCare plan for the brand’s popular electric vans. Here is a brief view of all the latest plans available for the eVito and eSprinter users:

ServiceCare Maintenance 

This is the first plan devised by the Mercedes-Benz teams. By opting for this plan, one can receive 6 services without making a credit deal. This will help the consumers save a lot and direct their cashflow to other important areas. The skilled technicians of the brand will work on the vehicle and restore its performance. 

The plan applies to all Mercedes-Benz electric vans, irrespective of their age. Furthermore, this plan is quite cost-effective as the customers will not have to make individual bookings for the services. The ServiceCare Maintenance can be availed from a starting price of £10/month. This will help the eVito and eSprinter users save some extra time and money. 

ServiceCare Complete

The second plan that Mercedes-Benz teams have created is the ServiceCare Complete plan. This will include the varying and unpredicted expenses of driving the vehicle. The plans are designed to make functioning easier for the individual or business owners of e-vans. These are developed under the direct administration of the Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealer Network. 

The plan is only available for the vans that are around 4 years old; counting from the registration date. Moreover, as the name suggests, the plan will provide complete care and servicing of the vehicle. This will include the replacement, cleaning, and testing of all mechanical components of the automobile. 

Customers can also add more customization to this plan by adding specific covers, equipment, and parts. It is being said that the plan will help consumers save an extra 20% on maintenance. The servicing for both plans will be done as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Extra Benefits with ServiceCare Plans

ServiceCare is a small section of the wide array of maintenance and repair services provided by the Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealers. These are designed to suit different corporates and businesses. The teams that work on the vehicles ensure that every vehicle that receives their care delivers optimal performance. 

Additionally, the parts fitted under Mercedes-Benz’s expert crew are 100% original and comes with a 2-year guarantee. The substituted components are also priced reasonably to help the electric vans work smoothly. 

The Director of Customer Operations, Simon Neill, said that these ServiceCare plans are an ideal fit for the van operators or owners. They will look over complete care and maintenance of the automobiles especially the eSprinter & eVito. Therefore, the customers are asked to make the best use of this opportunity. 

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