Mercedes-Benz becomes the First Automotive Brand to Start an Online Showroom & Run an Electric Van Campaign

Mercedes-Benz becomes the First Automotive Brand to Start an Online Showroom & Run an Electric Van Campaign

Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd. has aired its brand new TV campaign on 2nd November 2020. This makes Mercedes the 1st van manufacturer to launch a commercial showcasing its lineup of fully electric vehicles. Moreover, they will also be providing their customers with a unique opportunity of shopping online via their latest ‘Digital Showroom’. 

The Special Advert 

This advertisement will run between various popular TV shows like the British Bake Off and England International Football Friendly. Moreover, it will be a part of several online Video On Demand platforms like BT Sport. They are also planning on including this in their billboard and online marketing campaigns. 

This inclusive effort has been made to promote their eSprinter and eVito models. Mercedes-Benz Group has displayed its adaptation skills by designing electric cars, which are becoming popular among the buyers. The Brand has made a hefty investment in ensuring that the advert reaches out to all types of audiences. 

Digital Showroom; a One of a Kind Experience

For their online Showroom, they have kept in mind the ease of online shopping for their prospective customers. Through this, the buyers can view all available car models in the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network. They can also go through the latest and used car stock, crediting to the specific filters. 

Customers can easily find a vehicle that fits their budget and business requirements by accessing the Digital Showroom. They also offer several financing options. One can shortlist the selected automobile, for reviewing and comparing. After finalizing, the buyer just has to click the ‘I’m interested’ option.

Following this, the brand will then make the model available in the nearest dealership for further transactions. This is a super simple process and is expected to take the car shopping experience to a whole new level. The Sales Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd, Andy Lawson says that these steps will help them in showcasing the features and utility of their all-electric vehicles. 

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