How to make sure your van is safe at night

How to make sure your van is safe at night

How to make sure your van is safe at night

Parking your van in a garage or within a fenced area is the best thing to do for your van’s safety at night. However if you don’t have a secure place to park your van at night or just for additional safety purposes, you can use the following preventive measures to reduce your van appeal to thieves.

Do not leave anything valuable

Make sure nothing valuable is visible in the vehicle when parked. If you have to store expensive equipment in the van, make sure it is hidden from plain view. Remember thieves only steal things they know are in the van and don’t actually break into a van and take a chance.

You can use van window blanks that fit over the window to block the outside view. A van tool storage box is a great investment that you fix in the van’s cargo area floor to store expensive equipment.

Install immobilizers

Install an immobilizer, which prevents the ignition getting started without keys. While this technology is installed in the latest vans, the older vans benefit from this. As thieves have a tendency of bumping into vehicles before breaking in to find out if your van has an alarm, you should install one. However do not advertise the type of alarm you use as your thief may know how to disable it.

GPS provides dual benefits

A GPS tracker is a great investment in a van as it not only provides you with directions, but also helps you track down your van if it gets stolen.

The benefit of installing so many safety devices in a van is that thieves usually operate on time. The more time they require getting a job done, the less likely they will even think of messing with your van.

Of course, experienced thieves may know how to handle the most sophisticated deterrents. However they will not waste time on your vehicle if there is nothing much for them to rob from it, and will instead move on to the next vehicle that is not so well secured. Car thieves generally prefer attacking the vans that do not have alarms or deterrents that will only end up fouling their robbery.

So on an overall; it is always better to secure your van using these several types of protection when you leave it parked out at night.


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