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Low Cost Vans

Check out our low cost vans here. These are volume  products so kept in stock. The vans are mostly available for cash, hire purchase, lease purchase and finance lease. All the vans come with free delivery unless you are having work done at Swiss HQ. If you prefer your  vans direct to your door we have secondary transport available

Low Cost Finance Deals
-We offer finance deposits from one payment in advance up to 50% of the value of the vehicle.

  • New VW Transporter Kombi WASP £290.00

    VW Transporter WASP

    New T6.1 Kombi Highline £290 WASP Add £36 Ask if a free service pack can be included


  • Speak to experts on van sales & van leasing
  • Great funders and lines of credit
  • We can pre search and pre screen your business before application which is particularly useful for larger deals and larger businesses
  • Some of lowest prices in the UK
  • 5 star reviews

Small Vans

Small new vans such as the Berlingo from £139 a month .

Luton Vans

New Luton Vans from £279 a month

VW Vans

New VW Kombi vans from £249 month> Crafter from £229

Line Of Credit

Line of credit so you can take multiple vans up to a pre determined limit

Give us a try to sort out all your van needs. We are happy to take PX and settle off exiting finance as we have engineers who will inspect your van across the UK.

How do I get a quote?

Please just give us a call we are waiting
Why are you different?
We have close to 1000 5 star reviews. When you consider most of these vans are customised in some way this is some mean feat.
What are your prices like?
We have sold over 10,000 vans in the lats 10 years. If we were not competitive this would not have happened
What makes and models do you offer.
Everything. We will tend to push what we think is better offer and better vehicles if two are the same price.