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Lease Exchange Scheme

Still driving a 14 or 64 reg Ford Transit or VW Transporter?

NOW is a great time to part exchange your van. Whether you have a VW Transporter Lease or a Ford Transit Custom Lease, your inclusive benefits will be lapsing very soon. (If they haven’t already.) Check your documents for confirmation.

Under our Lease Exchange Scheme, we can take your pre-2015 registered van in part exchange for a great deal on a brand new one.

Upgrade Today!

Why exchange now?

Your vehicle is turning 3 very soon. This means that you will need to pay to put it through the first MOT in the near future. Hows the van looking? How is the tyre tread? Brake Pads? Filters?
After 3 years, your warranty will also expire. The lapse in this comfort blanket means that you should start budgeting for repairs and additional servicing.

Euro 6 Benefits

The Euro 6 standard was introduced in September 2015.  All new vehicles after this date, have to meet the stringent guidelines.   Your new vehicle would have reduced CO2 emissions and is likely to have an improved MPG.

You may have taken a 3, 4 or 5 years finance package. This doesn’t matter. You can still take advantage of a lease exchange NOW.

Van Equity

We will give a competitive price for your existing vehicle. If you were accurate with your mileage estimate at the start of the deal, you might be surprised and have some equity within it. This isn’t guaranteed, but happens a lot with low mileage, well looked after vehicles. You can use this equity as a deposit for your brand new van.

New Van Finance Deals

Swiss have some fantastic deals available at the moment, on both the VW Transporter and the Ford Transit Custom. You could find yourself in a newer, higher spec vehicle, for similar monthly payments.

All this could happen within as little as 14 days. What are you waiting for? Speak to the team NOW, before you book your MOT!

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