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Ford Transit Custom 2024: Redefining Efficiency and Style in Commercial Vans


Ian Hill’s journey in the van industry began from the ground up. Unlike many who entered the sector with a background in automotive mechanics, Ian’s path was driven by a vision to revolutionize van customization and new van sales. His career trajectory, much like the vehicles he would come to expertly tailor, was built with precision and a forward-thinking mindset.

Ian’s expertise doesn’t stem from childhood days spent under the hood but from a genuine enthusiasm for connecting businesses and individuals with the perfect vehicle. His formative years were spent absorbing the intricacies of the industry, from the sales floor to the back-end operations that keep fleets running.

In 2009, Ian founded Swiss Vans, a company that quickly became synonymous with quality and innovation in new van sales and customizations. His insight into the needs of van drivers and business owners alike has made Swiss Vans a household name. Specializing in models from Ford Transits to Volkswagen Transporters, and including versatile vehicles like the Citroen Relay and Peugeot Boxer, Ian’s repertoire is comprehensive. But where Ian truly shines is in the bespoke transformation of these vans.

With a meticulous eye for both form and function, he oversees the customization process to ensure each van that leaves Swiss Vans’ lot isn’t just fit for purpose but also showcases the personality and brand of its owner.

Ian's Guidance for Swiss Vans' Clients

  • Personalization is Key: Your van is a mobile billboard for your business. Make it stand out with a custom look that reflects your brand’s identity and ethos.

  • Stay Informed: Knowing the market is crucial. We ensure our clients understand their options to make the best choices for their needs.

  • Safety as Priority: We don’t just customize for aesthetics; we ensure that the latest safety features are integrated to protect your most valuable asset—your people.

Ian's Areas of Expertise:

  • Innovative Customisation: From bespoke interiors to eye-catching exteriors, Ian is a master of making each van a one-off creation.

  • Market Acumen: With his finger on the pulse of the van market, Ian provides invaluable insights into trends and best buys.

  • Client Relations: Believing in a hands-on approach, Ian ensures each client’s experience is tailored, just like their vans.

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Ian Hill doesn’t just sell vans; he delivers a promise of performance, reliability, and style, ensuring that every client drives away with a vehicle that truly represents their business and meets their needs.

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