How was the I.D Buzz created?


How was the I.D Buzz created?

Designing the ID family’s Microbus and panel van required intense crossover, work delegation and teamwork. To bring together all aspects of our ideas and merge the needs of the specification brief, designers and engineers used their seven years of industry experience to create the ID. Buzz. Tailor-made to be as inspiring for our older enthusiasts as it is to our new customers, our vehicle is a standout flagship, offering an experience unlike any other while also keeping the environment in mind. The Modular Electric Drive Kit is specially tailored to ensure low friction, increasing its efficiency.


VW Hoping To Sell 120,000 ID. Buzz Electric Vans Globally Each Year

The high-quality, unique design of the underbody and wheel aerodynamics result in just a drag coefficient of 0.285 of the ID. In this aspect, Buzz is better than any other VW Bulli. To test the electric Builli’s endurance, a marathon was held across the varied and unique landscape of Europe – from extreme heat to the dampness of the tropics and ice cold to rough and dry, even places without road surfaces. The state of the art track testing showed the extent of how the ‘Bulli’ was able to withstand the elements and test the strengths and weakness in the joints in the underbody and bodywork.

This vehicle truly meets Volkswagen’s top-class requirements. In the aspect of handling and control, it was the ID. Buzz and the ID. Buzz Cargo which demonstrated the most potential in the cold snow and ice. Of course, their multi-link rear suspension is the reason for this – the design helps the vehicle overcome both transverse and longitudinal forces, allowing for smooth braking and acceleration even in the harshest of conditions.

Every aspect of the vehicle’s function in the cold weather was tested including elements of the design, quality of parts used and the performance of the electric system, all of which showed results of efficient handling of friction and thermal energy. “In terms of daily use, the Bulli has always shown excellent results,” Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles’ model line manager, Stefan Lutz tells us. “It’s up to us to ensure that ID.

Buzz can handle the same amount of extreme conditions and situations in its design, quality of parts and system. If all of these aspects aren’t working together in perfect harmony, then that’s not the vehicle we want to create. Our vehicle must not have difficulty in driving in any part of the world.” One example of the intense vehicle testing is the cold chamber, where the temperature is set at minus 20 degrees. In order to pass this test, the back mirror’s heating system must clear the view of all ice within just 3 minutes.

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