Behind the Scenes: How Swiss Vans Secures the Best Deals for You

Behind the Scenes: How Swiss Vans Secures the Best Deals for You

Behind the Scenes: How Swiss Vans Secures the Best Deals for You

Swiss Vans is a big name in the realm of vans in the UK. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped people and businesses acquire high-quality vans for personal and business use. But how do we manage to beat other van sellers in the UK by giving you unbeatable deals and offers?

In this behind-the-scenes post, we’re going to unravel how Swiss Vans secures the best van deals in the market. You’ll learn why we manage to keep our prices attractive to both individuals and businesses looking for high-quality vans from leading manufacturers.

How Swiss Vans Manages to Give The Best Van Deals in The UK

There are over 4.5 million vans in the UK and the number keeps growing every day. With it also grows the number of van sellers. This makes the market highly competitive and only astute vehicle sellers like Swiss Vans survive the market.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to deliver high-quality unparalleled van deals. This often leaves most of our customers and competition wondering, “What makes Swiss Vans an unbeatable force in the van sales business in the UK?” This exclusive post pulls back the curtain to showcase our intricate strategies for securing the best van deals in the market.

Strategic Manufacturer Partnerships

As we mentioned earlier, Swiss Van has over 30 years of experience in the vehicle sales business. We’ve been through thick and thin in the vehicle sales business. We’ve watched brands like Vauxhall grow to be among the most sought-after vehicles in the UK market.

Having been around for ages helped us learn the tricks of the game early enough. One of these is partnering with manufacturers to gain direct access to top van makes and models before they reach the public. This allows us to secure vans with cutting-edge technological features while also putting intermediaries at bay.

Strategic Manufacturer Partnerships

What that means is that no additional costs are incurred to get the vans from the manufacturers to our showroom. The result is very few costs are passed on to our clients, and helps customers make massive savings. One such partnership secured is with Ford, the top-notch American automaker, made in February 2013. This saw most of our Ford van prices drop tremendously during the subsequent year.  Our prices of the UK’s most popular van, Ford Transit Custom dropped by a whopping 7.4% during the second quarter of 2014.

Through the various economic dynamics that the UK faced, such as the Brexit transition period, our prices maintained stability. As the market grappled with supply chain disruptions and currency fluctuations, Swiss Vans held a strong stance in the market. Our partnership with manufacturers allowed us to give clients unbeatable deals on vans such as Volkswagen Transporter.

Volume Purchasing Power

Our three decades of experience in van sales means we are not only proficient but also have the financial muscle to make big moves. By combining our market knowledge and experience with financial capabilities, we can make volume purchases of vehicles from manufacturers.

This, of course, comes with its perks, which we gladly pass on to our clients. One of the benefits is that we get access to high-quality vans at incredibly slashed prices and terms. With better prices and more flexibility from manufacturers, Swiss Vans can extend the terms to customers. In addition, this ensures that we can service both small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses looking for large fleets of vans.

Our showroom never runs dry; no matter which make or model of van you need, you can be sure that Swiss Vans has it. even when we are out of stock, our good standing relations with manufacturers allow us to restock as quickly as possible. Whether you need a van for private use, such as a Mercedes-Benz Vito, or a Ford Transit Custom for business, we’ve got it!

Customer Centric Approach

Customer Centric Approach

Another vital factor that allows Swiss Vans to offer the best van deals in the UK is our customer-focused strategy. We believe that by understanding the client’s needs, we can frame our offerings to suit their needs, budget, and payment options. When the customer feels welcomed, valued, and understood, nothing can hold them back.

Swiss Vans maintains a customer satisfaction policy that stretches beyond transactions. We’ve invested in understanding the unique needs of customers, whether a business or an individual. Working with a team of committed professionals, we tirelessly tailor our offerings to align with the unique requirements of clients.

For instance, we always try our best to ensure that we have two versions of the same van to match the unique preferences of clients. Say a client wants a VW Multivan with additional features like sat-nav, climate control, or Bluetooth connectivity. We can provide them with such a van and another one without these features to help them make budget comparisons and make an informed decision.

For those who want a van with upgrades to meet their specific business needs, Swiss Vans also has their preferences catered for. We have vans with interior upgrades, wasp and hornet upgrades, and other visual improvements. Other modifications available include load space play lining, lighting, and carpeting. Whichever upgrade you’re after, be sure to find it at Swiss Vans.

Innovative Van Financing Options

With the introduction of personal contract purchases (PCPs), the Bank of England determined that vehicle financing grew to £58 billion in 2016, which double the figure in 2012. Today, it’s much easier for individuals and businesses to acquire new vans through financing.

As the market kept changing, Swiss Vans wasn’t left behind; we were among the top van sellers in the UK to introduce van financing. By recognizing why affordability is crucial to our customers, we went the extra mile to implement innovative van financing options in 2017. Working closely with renowned financial institutions, our experts have crafted customized and flexible plans to suit different customer profiles.

Through our commitment to offer financial accessibility, Swiss Vans made it incredibly affordable for our clients to own high-end vans with little initial costs.

Keeping up With Modern Auto Technology

Keeping up With Modern Auto Technology

Auto technology is rapidly changing. With it comes improved efficiencies and conveniences that play a significant role in cutting down acquisition and operation costs. From streamlined manufacturing to enhanced fuel efficiency, technology has led to magnificent cost savings for both manufacturers and end users. By keeping up with the changing vehicle technology advancements, Swiss Vans has been able to pass those technology-driven perks to clients.

Ford Transit is one such van make that utilizes a turbocharged engine. Available in different models suited for passengers and cargo, Ford Transit implements Ford EcoBoost engines with direct injection and turbocharging. These engine technologies maximize fuel efficiency and performance despite their smaller compact sizes. With better performance and fuel efficiency, these modern vans have more affordable running costs compared to older models. That’s what makes them attractive and a fan favourite among those who want to reduce their van acquisition and running expenses.

As Ford plans to release the 2024 Ford Transit with advanced technologies such as FordPass and Ford Co-Pilot 360, Swiss Vans has plans in place to ensure it reaches our UK clients. Through partnership with the automaker, we’ll ensure the van reaches the UK market at unbeatable prices, beyond what other dealers are offering.

Streamlined Operational Efficiency

Why do you think a business grapples with high product prices despite lower cost prices? Too high overhead costs due to operational inefficiency is one of the causes. Swiss Vans recognizes this problem as a major hindrance to offering high-quality vans at affordable prices. That is why we started aiming for operational efficiency in 2008, and since then, we’ve never looked back. This, to a great extent, saw us cut down major operational costs by up to 25% by the end of 2011. Today, Swiss Vans is among the few van sellers in the UK with impeccable operational efficiency.

Streamlined Operational Efficiency

The result of this is that we were able to eliminate all these expenses from our van prices. Right from the moment you contact us with an interest in acquiring a van, up to the final transaction, you’ll notice our team’s speed and precision. We don’t have bureaucratic processes that only lead to hiked prices; our approach is straightforward. And this is evident in the competitive prices enjoyed by our clients.

Summary of How Swiss Vans Secure Better Van Deals

Swiss Vans is relentless in its endeavour to provide the UK market with high-end affordable vans for personal and business use. We stand as maestros in the intricate UK van market by orchestrating strategic partnerships, customer-centric approach, and operational efficiency.

Our ability to get you the best deals on vans is not a coincidence; it’s a result of 30 years of commitment and expertise. We welcome you to explore the wide range of top van makes and models. While doing this, rest assured that every van deal is accurately crafted to offer unmatched value. Swiss Vans is where affordability meets excellence. Contact us today to start your journey of acquiring your van of choice today.

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