How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Van in the UK?

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Van in the UK?

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Van in the UK?

The most important question for anyone considering hiring a van is, “How much does it cost to lease a van? ” Alternatively, you might hear how much does a refrigerated van cost”. A new van is a substantial investment, regardless of whether your company is new or old. A van is necessary for a well-functioning business for many workers, caterers, and transporters. Acquiring and maintaining an array of vans may be a daunting endeavor. It’s easy to rack up recurring repair costs if you use the vans for a long time.

Additionally, you have the inconvenience of depreciation, which significantly lowers the amount of money you can recoup should you decide to sell them. Fortunately, van leasing offers are a perfect substitute for purchasing. You can rent a van for three or four years, spending only the depreciation throughout the lease and returning it at the end of the term. Even better, you can recover up to 100% of your VAT.

In this article, you will discover how to reduce leasing costs, the benefits, and the requirements if you run a company. Furthermore, we will expound on how to get cheap leasing vans in the UK. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Van Leasing?

When you rent a van, you must pay a monthly charge to use it. Consider it like renting, although usually for a more extended period. For the duration of your lease, you’ll pay a monthly charge and return the vehicle after a brief initial rental period. Simple!

Van leasing has gained popularity among single proprietors, partnerships, and limited corporations over the past purchase since it provides an alternate, frequently less expensive funding option to purchase a new van.

Factors Affecting Van Leasing Costs

Before we look at the cost to run a van on lease, it is essential to note that several factors can affect monthly van leasing. These factors include:

Car choice

Car choice

The vehicle you select significantly affects your leasing fees. You’ll notice a significant difference in monthly prices if you choose a high-end SUV with a higher overall on-the-road cost than a compact hybrid city vehicle. Newly introduced models are also likely to cost more on average to lease than vehicles that have been available for a time.

Initial rental

Your initial payment size will affect the monthly expenses during the beginning stage of the lease. More of the overall leasing cost is paid down. Your remaining monthly rent payments will be reduced as a result.

Contract length

With a longer lease agreement and a higher initial rental payment, you’ll often pay less each month because the total cost of your lease is stretched out over a longer extended period. It would help if you considered how long you will lease the van, as it can drastically increase or reduce your payment.

Agreed annual mileage

A car’s value will decline more swiftly the more miles you put in it. After your lease expires, the loan company that owns the automobile will sell it for a better price because it has fewer miles on it. Calculate it precisely to avoid exceeding your allotted mileage and incurring additional fees.

How much does it cost to lease a van?

The renting cost of vans from different brand are not the same. The typical cost of leasing a car is between £100 and £1000 a month (or even more), but many variables might affect how much you pay each month. If they aren’t included in your lease agreement, you must also account for other expenses like your first rental payment, insurance premiums, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Some lease companies may ask you to pay a vehicle registration fee to reserve the car for you while your lease agreement is being worked up. Even though this is frequently the case, some companies might not charge registration or administrative costs for leases.

You must pay the initial rental within 7–10 days of receiving your leased vehicle. Since it is taken via direct debit, this is typically the initial and biggest payment you will make throughout your lease arrangement. Initial rent is calculated as a multiplier of your monthly expenses, typically 3, 6, or 9 months.

Vehicle Leasing Requirement

Vehicle Leasing Requirement

The paperwork and information needed are different from a personal contract hire because renting a pick-up or van through a business contract hire requires having the business name on the contract. To obtain a business automobile lease, you will need to provide the following:

  • Directors’ names, date of birth, and marital status
  • Company registration number
  • Company address
  • Annual net income
  • Company bank statements

Given that you need excellent credit to lease a car or van, the company will have to run a car leasing credit check. You might also be asked for extra information, such as the number of years the business has been in operation.

Importance of leasing a Van

While you might have considered the requirement for leasing a van in the UK, you also need to look at the benefits. With the increasing popularity of van leasing, here are a few advantages if you decide to take this route.

Inexpensive monthly payments

Lease agreements that have set monthly payments increase your financial flow. You don’t have any additional balloon-type payments after your initial rental to cover the cost for renting a van on lease.

No deteriorating property

Leasing allows you to avoid worrying about how much you can sell your entire fleet of automobiles for. When your contract expires, you upgrade to brand-new vans by returning the old ones!

Road tax

The lease warranty also covers you during the contract duration, based on the manufacturer, and road tax is included in your lease monthly expenses.

Tax benefits

Reclaiming VAT is one of the most significant benefits of business vehicle leasing. Because van drivers are given preferential treatment, you can utilize your van for work and transportation and still claim a vat on a van lease. Nevertheless, there are rules on claiming VAT on van lease, which you should know before applying.

How to locate affordable van lease offers

Knowing how the van offers you see are calculated will help you figure out how to find van leases at a lower cost.

Choose your financial options

Choose your financial options

Your initial decision should be about which financing arrangement is suitable for you. The advantages of Contract Hire, Finance Lease, and Hire Purchase vary. Therefore, make sure to understand the facts of the financing choice when searching for the best van lease packages.

Understand what affects the leasing cost

The two main ways to lower your monthly expenses are a greater down payment and a long-term lease. Driving a lot will reduce the worth of your car after the lease, increasing the cost of your van leasing.

Choose an established van leasing company

Selecting a reputable van leasing business will allow you to utilize their expertise. They will be able to acquire the finest discounts because they will have established ties with manufacturers and dealers.

Expected Cost after Leasing Expires

You might have to pay two fees after your contract expires, but if the vehicle has been well-maintained and used as intended, you can entirely avoid them.

Damage charges

You can expect slight wear and tear after driving a leased car for a few years. Unrepaired wear or damage will result in a fee from your leasing company. The British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) sets fair wear and tear standards, which define what is and isn’t acceptable. Leasing firms, as well as clients, must follow these rules.

Excess mileage charge

A leased vehicle’s value will have declined more than expected if it is driven over the annual kilometers stipulated in your contract. As a result, you will be assessed a particular pence-per-mile fee for each mile you drive more than the predetermined limit. The details of your leasing agreement will include the per-mile cost.

What is the best option – Buying or Leasing?

If you know how much does it cost to lease a van UK, the next issue is to consider buying or leasing. You should be able to choose whether purchasing or leasing a vehicle is preferable for you now that you know the prices. Whatever fits your needs and financial situation is what matters most in the end.

What is the best option - Buying or Leasing?

Purchasing is your best option if you want to own the van fully and aren’t concerned about devaluation or making a sizable down payment. Leasing is the best choice if you want to pay less overtime and are confident in adhering to your contract. Remember, you must pay vat for any vehicle you lease.


Learning how much does it cost to lease a van in the UK enables you to streamline your options when considering hiring a vehicle. In addition to your monthly lease payments and any deposits you want to make, the most significant expense you’ll face if you lease is if you violate the terms of your contract.

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