Happy Customer Review

Happy Customer Review

Swiss Vans received such a heart-warming happy customer review from a very happy and satisfied customer. Below is one such response from Geraint Griffith of Griffith Memorials.

Happy Customer Review

Why are you looking for van?

Needed a multi-purpose vehicle, a friend suggested I look at the Transporter Kombi.

What made you choose Swiss Vans for your purchase?

Saw the telephone number on the web site and realised it was a local area code and I like to support local businesses when I can.

How was the buying experience with Ricky?

Excellent! Simplest vehicle I have ever bought. I purchased a Ferrari of Dick Lovett a few years ago and I have been treated better by Swiss Vans than when I bought the Ferrari. Felt much more thought of – a very personable experience.

Would you use Swiss vans again for future purchases?


Thank you Geraint Griffith! Until your next purchase!

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