What has happened to white vans?

What has happened to white vans?

What has happened to white vans?

According to statistics, there are some interesting trends regarding the changing trends of the colour of vans on UK roads. There are today fewer of the tradesmen’s vans, which were once found in abundance on the roads.

It is true that white is the proper colour for vans. However reality and perception are at odds, especially regarding white vans. This is because while there seems to be fewer white vans on the road, industry statistics and figures don’t support this information.

Number of other colored vans has increased

In fact, statistics prove that the number of vans going through auctions have today dropped by 2% since 2005. So the fact that there seem to be fewer white vans on the roads proves to be a mystery.

The only logical answer her is that other factors are at play here, which skew the perception of the number of white vans seen on roads. According to statistics, while the number of white vans at auctions has dropped since 2008, the number of silver vans has however increased by more than 5%.

Some colours are instantly associated with famous brands

These changes in the colour mix of vans that catch our attention make you think that new van colours have entered the market. On the contrary, the latest statistics prove that the number of miles driven by light goods vehicles, which are usually vans that are white in colour, has increased by 5.1%. This shows that tradesmen have been quiet during the recession wherein they just put their vans on the drive.

There are some colours which we instantly associate with well known brands on looking at them. Moreover, there is a mix of marginally reduced sales of white vans but an increase in the colour of other colour vans like silver. All this has created the impression that the classic white vans seem to be reducing in number on the roads.

Colour also has an important part to play in the used car wholesale market. Retail buyers tend to associate colours with famous and instantly recognizable household names. So while used buyers assign a value related to the positive perception of the quality of van fleets like the British Gas, Royal Mail and the AA, it does not mean that white vans are worth less. In fact, the condition of a van is much more important than the colour in isolation.

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