Ford TourNOT

Ford TourNOT

Ford are the the latest vehicle manufacture to redesign how we think about electric vehicles. Ford Pro, the Blue Oval’s dedicated commercial arm founded in 2021, first teased its new electric workhorse in the second half of April. At that moment, most of the current market believed the LED light bar belonged to a Tourneo Custom without a combustion engine. However, that’s not actually the case as the EV in question is the E-Transit Custom, slotting below the bigger E-Transit.

It sounds like an interesting idea, with huge potential. Compared to the ICE-powered Transit Custom, the biggest changes have been applied at the front where the E-Transit Custom gets a shiny grille flanked by fully redesigned LED headlights. The right side of the bumper incorporates the charging port (an interesting placement choice, as most ports are where you’d expect them to be, -in place of where a traditional fuel tank filler cap is) while on the left side of the grille sits the “E” badge.

The new graphics of the headlights are mirrored at the rear where the “E Transit” and “Custom” badges are blacked out, – a stealthy look for this new model. Ford remains tight-lipped about the technical specifications, only saying the E-Transit Custom can cover up to 380 kilometres (236 miles) between charges. Bear in mind the range figure is not final, but rather the company’s estimation based on the WLTP cycle.

It remains to be seen whether it will utilize the same 68-kWh battery pack as the E-Transit. We do know it supports DC fast charging, which in the case of its bigger brother translates to 115 kW. Additional details will be released in September, and in the meantime, Autocar reports Ford Pro plans to sell the E-Transit Custom with the same 181- and 265-bhp electric motors as seen in the E-Transit. Both are located at the rear axle and generate a virtually instant torque of 318 pound-feet (431 Newton-metres).

That should translate to a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) run in less than seven seconds and a maximum speed of approximately 85 mph (137 km/h) which for a van are SERIOUS numbers!

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