Ford Tourneo Courier Spied Inside And Out

Ford Tourneo Courier Spied Inside And Out

Ford Tourneo Courier Spied Inside And Out

Have you seen the spy photos of the upcoming Ford Tourneo Courier? The Second-generation Ford Tourneo Courier will enter the production plant sometime this year and debut in 2024. The new Tourneo Courier appearing in the spy photos will be a perfect substitute for the exiting Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus whose production will end in 2025.

The forthcoming entry-level people mover will be Ford’s tiniest multi-purpose vehicle. Ford’s entry-level MPV model for Europe will draw its power from a combustion engine. There might be an electric model using the Puma powertrain later.

Ford’s Overhaul Journey

Ford has made a series of changes in the recent past. The overhaul journey began when Ford came up with the largest van called Transit. After that, it released Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom. Volkswagen took this further by inventing a new van from the Custom line-up. We then saw the Tourneo Connect which drew inspiration from the Volkswagen Caddy.

Currently, we have Transit and Tourneo Couriers. Earlier this year, spy photos revealing the Transit Courier emerged. Ford is now designing the Tourneo Courier MPV model, which belongs to the European market. The spy photos leaked to the internet can bear witness.

Basic Features of the Spied 2024 Ford Tourneo Courier

If you look at the spy photos online, you will notice that the prototype hides most interior features. The camouflaged prototype van does not impress the eyes much in the photos, but it could be hiding remarkable features. Who knows? Vehicle enthusiasts and experts can only speculate on the features of the 2024 Ford Tourneo Courier by studying spy photos. Hence, the upcoming passenger minivan might offer the following:

1.  Exterior Features

Ford has worked harder on the exterior design of the upcoming Tourneo Courier as it has added some new features. The spy photos suggest that the Tourneo Courier passenger van will have a striking front design with a square shape.

Basic Exterior Features of the Spied 2024 Ford Tourneo Courier

Although we may be wrong, the odds that this van will have the current Ford Puma or Fiesta’s headlamps are high. Its headlights could be the same ones they will put on the Puma subcompact crossover. While the taillights are the same options on the first-generation Tourneo Courier, the tailgate is new.

2.  Engine type

As this tester van is yet to enter the production plant, we can only guess the engine versions it will offer. Most vehicle gurus and experts speculate that the mini MPV will include diesel and gasoline combustion engines. They also expect the petrol engine units to be small. Other fans are categorical in their view that the minivan will use the 1-liter mild-hybrid engine.

Although Ford could release the combustion engine vehicles first, we also expect it to debut an electric powertrain alternative shortly after. Ford has been overhauling its light commercial vehicles since 2021, including the new Transit Custom line-up featuring an electric powertrain counterpart.

We do not expect to see 1.5-litre Ecoboost engines in Europe. These Courier versions might appear later in other countries. Nevertheless, we foresee the 1.0L Ecoboost mild-hybrid petrol engines with up to 123hp in Europe. Rumors have it that all base versions will feature a manual transmission. However, some interior spy images disclose that the new vehicle might boast a 7-speed powershift dual clutch gearbox.

3.  Interior Features

A peep at the interior of the upcoming van discloses a few crucial things. First, this vehicle’s interiors are less likely to be like those of Ford’s Puma or Fiesta. The 2024 Tourneo Courier might have Tourneo/Transit Connect’s interior design and features. So, it might offer an infotainment screen and digital instrumentation on one panel.

This panel will appear slightly separated from the dashboard. There is a slim chance that the new Tourneo Courier will have fewer seats than its Transit Courier brother. We do not doubt that the infotainment system will run from the SYNC operating Software. This vehicle might not offer climate controls.

Interior Features

Therefore, prospective drivers will alter the cabin temperature manually on the screen menu. As we stated earlier, this vehicle might have a roomier boot. Its cabin shape indicates that the upcoming van’s boot could surpass the existing Tourneo Courier’s boot.

4.  Cabin

Many fans think that the photographed prototype has a boxy cabin shape. Hence, we predict that the product will have a roomier cabin. This will be beneficial since passengers can have adequate space for their legs and heads. With this cabin design, Ford values quality over beauty.

The commercial van has the same boxy body frame, which means Ford thought more about practicality than aesthetics. Luckily, the upcoming Tourneo Courier will not be the first van to offer more functionality than aesthetics. The spy photos also show a more attractive rear design with sliding doors. You have sliding doors on either side to locate the second row of seats faster.

Where will Ford produce the newest Tourneo Courier?

A section of the news that emerged with the spy photos revealed the production plant for the upcoming car. Ford will use its Romanian-based plant called Craiova. Ford is assembling the Puma crossover in the same factory as we speak. We are unsure of the exact period this production process will end, but it will begin later this year.

Ford might launch its most compact passenger van in the second trimester of 2024 or earlier. When the ICE van enters a few dealer shops, it might sell for 20,000 pounds in Europe. Ford fans believe this car will not be an American offer. So, they have not suggested an opening price for it.

Benefits We Expect the Upcoming Ford Tourneo Courier Not to Omit

So far, we have experienced and explored the current Ford Tourneo Courier. The multi-purpose van can carry five people and some cargo in the boot. You can configure the rear side to increase storage space to transport cargo alone. The first-generation Tourneo Courier has gasoline and diesel engine options.

Benefits We Expect the Upcoming Ford Tourneo Courier Not to Omit

It makes a powerful family and commercial vehicle. Consequently, everyone who owns this van expects its successor not to miss the following benefits:

  • A practical design – The current Tourneo Courier is a compact and functional MPV for city rides. Families use this van daily to drop kids at school and travel to their workplaces. The upcoming Tourneo Courier should offer the same level of convenience and efficiency. We believe it will do so because it has a more practical boxy cabin with a sliding door design.
  • Technology–friendly features – The current Tourneo Courier has desirable technology features we would wish the successor to build on. One of these is the newest SYNC 3 infotainment system software. It has a six-inch color touchscreen. Since this is a new technology by Ford, we predict it to be on the 2024 Tourneo Courier. Other technological features we do not want it to lack are the USB connectivity dock, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Heated front windscreen, and rain-sensing wipers.
  • Safety features – Tourneo Courier users already enjoy more safety from their van as it has unique protective features. These include the Roll Stability Control System, Traction Control System, Enhanced Airbag System, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, etc. We expect the successor to have these safety features and extra ones.
  • Performance features – A vehicle’s high performance and power come from the engine. The present Tourneo Courier provides either a diesel or a petrol engine. The engine types are the 1.0L Ecoboost petrol engine and the 1.5L TDCi Duratorq diesel engine. Users of the petrol engine enjoy excellent fuel economy and considerable horsepower. The diesel engine performs even better when covering many miles. Both engines provide the Auto Start-Stop feature for saving fuel in the city. We have hinted that these engines will be on the upcoming vehicle. Soon or later, Ford will produce a Tourneo Courier with a battery-electric powertrain. Again, the vehicle might use a 7-speed gearbox. These features will improve fuel economy and vehicle performance.

What is the future of Commercial vans?

What is the future of Commercial vans?

In the future, we expect Ford and other manufacturers to continue producing advanced hybrids with an electric powertrain and a combustion engine. Drivers can charge the electric battery pack at the main switch. Also, these hybrid vehicles can draw power from an electric motor when covering short trips. The driver can change to EV Now, EV Later, EV Auto, or other modes that might crop up in the future.

The current Ford Tourneo Custom and Transit Custom can cover up to 30 miles with the electric motor only. On longer trips, these vehicles can switch to combustion engine power, which can increase the coverage to 310 miles. Vehicles using only electric power will emerge soon also. Although they will keep the environment free from pollution, EVs will cost more dollars.


We have shared the news on the upcoming Ford Tourneo Courier based on spy photos. Most of what we have written here are mere predictions. Will Ford include all the features we have predicted? We should wait until Ford turns the prototype in the spy images into a complete minivan. After that, we will know if all these speculations were true.

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