Ford is launching a “Smart Mirror” for Transit and Transit Custom vans, which is a high-definition screen that displays a panoramic rear view for the driver.

And when windowless rear doors or partitions are in the way, the Full Display Interior Mirror lets driver’s spot bikes, pedestrians, and other cars that might be behind them.

The monitor displays a live feed from a camera mounted on the back of the van and has automatic brightness adjustment for clear vision in both daytime and darkness. The device has a field of view that is twice as wide as a standard rear-view mirror. When negotiating roundabouts, changing directions, or inspecting before merging or turning onto side streets, allow drivers to be more aware of their surroundings.

Ford’s new mirror may be particularly useful for delivery drivers who make regular stops in towns, where they are more likely to meet people riding motorcycles, e-scooters, or walking; unprotected road users accounted for 70% of road crash deaths in Europe’s cities in 2019.

By eliminating the need for expensive crash injury fixes, the device can also increase the amount of time on the road. Ford unveiled FORDLiive last week, a new linked uptime solution aimed at maximizing vehicle uptime.

The mirror is priced at £675 and will suit Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom Vans with windowless rear doors. The device, which is compatible with Transit vans built in 2014 and Transit Custom models built from 2012, can be ordered and installed at any Ford dealer.

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