2023 Ford Ranger Pick-Up Truck Goes Big With Two New Heavy-Duty Trim-Levels

2023 Ford Ranger Pick-Up Trim-Levels

2023 Ford Ranger Pick-Up Truck Goes Big With Two New Heavy-Duty Trim-Levels

It’s barely more than a year since the last release of the Ford Ranger 2022, and Ford is here again to give us new trim levels with the 2023 model. What new features does the Ford Ranger 2023 bring to the table for the truck’s enthusiasts?  The new level trims up for grabs are the Tremor and Wildtrak X, specially designed for the toughest off-road exploration.

The 2023 Ford Ranger presents the Wildtrak model as its most weighty trim level. The two new models not only have refreshed looks but also come with Blisten dampers reworked chassis, and suspension components to beat the off-road extremities.

Other than that, the new Ranger truck has also made changes to its prices. But before jumping right into the prices, it’s worth knowing the key features that this new truck brings to the table.

Who Is the New Ford Ranger 2023 Trim Levels Built For?

The Wildtrak X and Tremor trim levels are already available to order in the UK for those looking for heightened off-road experiences. Equipped with massive capabilities to handle rugged terrains, these pickup trucks borrow a lot from the well-renowned off-road mode, Ranger Raptor.

Both models follow closely the DNA of the Ford Ranger Raptor but with even better off-road capabilities with enhanced looks to appeal to more users. The UK expects its first deliveries to hit the country by early August 2023.

What Makes The Ford Ranger Tremor Worth Your While?

The Tremor is a rugged pickup truck with capabilities and features that places it between the Wildtrak and XLT models. Its design and build follow closely in the footsteps of its preceding model, Ranger Wolftrak. Tremor adopts the XLT’s foundation and then builds a new set of features to make it more suitable for off-road adventures.

Exterior and mechanicals

The pickup truck has all the main features of the XLT, including the suspension, 4-wheel drive, and engine. The only discernible difference is that it’s upgraded to handle rough terrains and do more work. The Ranger Tremor gets its power from the EcoBlue diesel engine, equipped with 4-cylinder twin turbo capability.

Exterior and mechanicals

The engine outputs 202bhp, a horsepower enough to do all the demanding off-road work that other pickups cannot. Plus, its 500Nm torque gives it a better acceleration in conjunction with the 10-speed auto-gearbox connection.

In addition, the Blisten dampers give the Tremor a superior ride height of 26mm and a 30mm width track for better off-road performance. The truck’s underneath is well guarded with a steel bash plate to keep the running gear free from debris.

Its exterior features heavy-duty side steps built from cast aluminium while its front bumper houses rigid tow hooks. The hooks will come in handy to rescue other vehicles stuck in a pool of mud.

The interior appeal

Its off-road build doesn’t end with the exterior. The pickup truck’s inside theme best fits the off-road appeal, featuring seats and floor with a viny trim for water resistance. This makes it easier to clean the truck after a long tiring day of mudding.

Electronic upgrades

Unlike its parent truck, the new 2023 Ford Ranger Tremor offers a new set of electronics such as the Trail Turn Assist. This vectoring system comes in handy when negotiating corners by applying brakes to produce a 25% more tightened turning radius.

Tremor also adopts the Trail Control from Ranger Raptor. It’s a low-speed cruise control system that allows you to drive at lower speeds than 20mph and still retain the speed on any terrain, giving you more focus on the steering.

Notable upgrades

Comparing the XLT with the Tremor, it’s easy to note the similarity, but there are discernible differences as well. The latter features black wheel arch mouldings that cover the tracks, a black cargo bed roll bar, black side steps, and front bumper tow hooks. Tremor’s grey detailing also makes sit stand out from its parent truck.

The 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X – All is There to Know

The 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X – All is There to Know

Just like the Tremor, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak X also borrows from another previous generation truck, the Wildtrak. It’s okay to say that the Wildtrak X trim is sandwiched between the Wildtrak and the Ford Platinum, another newly revealed Ranger truck.

Everything is similar to the Wildtrak, from bumper colours, and steering wheels, to the engine. It’s an upgrade, compared to the Tremor, even though the two trucks share similar off-road features and electronics. Wildtrak X has a taller ride height, it’s wider and has a more aggressive off-road appeal than the ordinary Wildtrak.

The exterior look

This trim has more rugged 265/70 R17 General Grabber AT3 tires built for all terrains. Plus, the steel bash plate on the front bumper underneath protects it from debris and mud.

The Wildtrak X has a more intuitive appeal courtesy of the matrix LED headlights and the Asphalt Black grille featuring Cyber Orange detailing for an attractive contrast. The looks are further heightened with the attractive badges, the aggressive Ford emblems, and the 17-inch alloy wheels.

The interior appeal

Inside the 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X, the dashboard and seats feature suede upholstery for a chic look and comfort. These are augmented with Cyber Orange stitches plus the 12-inch touchscreen and the 12.4 digital instrument display.

The seats are embroidered with the elegant Wildtrak X trademark, featuring soothing Terra suede and Cyber Orange stitches on upper dashboards, centre console, and door trims. Wildtrak X also comes with standard in-built connectivity to Ford Pro and FordPass 6 services to enhance the occupants’ experience.

The engine and the mechanicals

The Wildtrak X draws power from the EcoBlue twin-turbo diesel engine with a 4-cylinder and 2.0 litre capacity. Like the Tremor, this engine gives this trim a 202bhp and a torque of 500Nm. If you compare these figures against the Platinum with a 3.0 litre V6 turbo engine, and Raptor’s 3.0 litre V6 twin-turbo engine, they look inferior. But still, the power output is capable enough to handle the pickup’s load and off-road terrains.

The engine and the mechanicals

The Wildtrak X’s power runs through all four wheels via its 10-speed auto-gearbox controlled by the high-level full-time 4-wheel drive system.

The Wildtrak X has a suspension upgrade featuring advanced power steering and a flashy off-road driver assist technology known as the Trail Turn Assist. Like the Tremor, this Trail Turn Assist uses brake-based torque vectoring to produce a 25% tighter turning circle while off-road. This trim achieves this through the chassis, which operates more like a skid-steer loader.

Supplementary features of Ford Ranger Tremor and Wildtrak X

Both pickup trucks offer additional features that are optional depending on your preferences. For instance, these new trim levels offer an elegant Flexible Rack System, featuring an adjustable black roll-over hoop fitted on the cabin. It slides backward allowing easier transportation of longer items.

Although the tracking system is advertised with a surfboard, it’s ideal for carrying items like scaffolding boards, wood, and piping boards. The hoop can slide back to the preferred setting then load anything on top, then strapped down.  It carries a maximum load capacity of 80kg dynamic weight and up to 250kg static weight.

The new Ford Rangers trim levels offer completely new bodywork inspired by the bigger and more aggressive American trucks. The most evident changes are a new box-shaped look with front lighting monicker copied from Ford Ranger F-150.

The new Ranger also borrows from the previous generation’s ladder frame type of chassis. The upgrade includes a wheelbase that’s 50mm longer and a 50mm wider track, each built for an augmented off-road driving experience.

Ford also adopted a better way of increasing airflow to the radiator and boosting performance through the front-end hydro-formed structure. This adoption significantly improves powertrain cooling especially when towing or carrying a heavy load.

The Interior Appeal Worth Looking Forward To

The Interior Appeal Worth Looking Forward To

Ford did a tremendous improvement to the interior of both Wildtrak X and Tremor compared to their parent pickup trucks. The cheaper models offer 10.1-inch infotainment displays while high-end ones boast a 12-inch display system.

The displays are powered by Sync 4A, which is the latest display syncing software by Ford. The system harbours plenty of features such as remote lock, remote start, and night-mode support.

For those who opt for high-spec automatic models, the e-shifter is something worth looking forward to. It’s an improvement of the mechanical lever for engaging the gear. The old manual parking brake is also replaced with an electronic one for easy operability.

How Much Will You Part with For the New 2023 Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak X and Tremor are already available to order in the UK and Europe. But surprisingly, Ford has not disclosed the purchase prices for its new trim levels. But we can estimate where the prices are likely to start from, based on the flagship model, Ranger Raptor.

The diesel models will go for £56,500 while the petrol model will start from £58,900 all inclusive of VAT. Since the pickup trucks cannot carry a tonne payload, they do not qualify for the heavy commercial tax break.

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