Ford Pro has recently revealed an exciting announcement

Ford E-Transit Custom

Ford Pro has recently revealed an exciting announcement

Ford Pro has recently revealed an exciting announcement, giving us an exclusive look into the details of the brand new, all-electric E-Transit Custom, taking another significant step in its electrification transformation. Following closely after the start of the all-electric E-Transit’s production in March, the announcement soon came that a further four all-electric commercial vehicles would be introduced by 2024. Tailor-made to set a new record in Europe’s one-tonne van segment, the E-transit Custom will help businesses across the country to smoothly make the transition to electrified vehicles.

As the succeeding vehicle to the legacy of Europe’s best selling van one, two has been custom built to keep the same values in mind, effortlessly fitting in with the rest of the Ford Pro ecosystem’s quality and value-adding solutions.

Along with the rest of the range, the extensive platform of financing, software, charging and service solutions will help the E-Transit Custom’s Ford Pro Software to overcome massive hurdles, reducing operating costs and increasing uptime. The addition of the Ford Pro’s electrified line-up will be a bold and decisive move that will serve as the catalysis, allowing Ford to reach their ambitious goal of zero emissions for all Ford vehicle sales in Europe as well as carbon neutrality across the European footprint by 2035.

The designers of the E-Transit custom went all out when it came to making this vehicle – including an estimated driving range of around 380 km, full towing capability and 3 DC fast-charging, along with a new beautiful but efficient styling. With its advanced connectivity and ability to enable always-on relationships, this van will bring about a new way to be productive on the go.

“This is an important moment for all of Europe’s commercial vehicle operators and is a marker of our ambitions here at Ford Pro,” Hans Schep said, a general manager at Ford Pro Europe. “Supported by our custom made Ford Pro productivity-boosting services, Europe’s best-selling van has gone all-electric. It’s a massive opportunity to boost businesses all around Europe.”

Electric power is just within your reach. To provide an unparalleled customer experience, there have been a variety of new features to provide users with in-depth insights while on site. E-Transit Custom is sure to provide exportable power for tools, lights and devices, making the job even easier. In the E-Transit Custom, you’ll find a trusted partner for your business. Boasting an expressive and sculptural design, it’s a working vehicle designed for companies of all sizes.

The new model will set a new design goal for future generations of the one-tonne segment market with its rebalanced proportions, full LED lighting and confident stance on full display. This part of the most expansive Transit Custom range ever offered on the European market will enter production in the second half of 2023 with more detailed plans being released in September this year.

The Transit Customs will be built at the home of European Transit manufacturing, the advanced Ford Otosan Kocaeli site, under a €2 million investment made into its facilities. In addition, recently, three companies, Ford, SK On Co., Ltd. and Koç Holding, signed a joint venture, the Memorandum of Understanding. Under the agreement, one of Europe’s biggest commercial vehicle battery facilities will aim to provide a mid-decade production start, with an annual capacity of around 30 to 45 Gigawatt hours

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