Ford aims new electric van at European cities and startups

Ford aims new electric van at European cities and startups

Ford aims new electric van at European cities and startups

What does Ford have for Europeans this year? According to Ted Cannis, Ford’s Pro chief executive, the company has a new electric Courier for European startups and cities. Cannis said that in Paris, the officials have plans to bar combustion engine vehicles from coming to the CBD. Hence, the new electric cargo van in the Transit line-up will assist commercial customers in Paris to avoid trouble with the authorities.

Cannis also noted that the new electric van might appear in European cities at various times. He explained that countries are moving toward electric vehicle technology at different paces. Hence, he pointed out that some countries will continue to use Ford’s petrol couriers.

Extending the Ford Pro

Ford will extend its existing Pro line of advanced electrified cargo vans by adding the fresh E-Transit Courier for Europe. The E-Transit Courier boasts the same software platform and connected services as the existing vans. Therefore, it will be an efficient van with end-to-end charging features.

Unlike the outgoing E-Transit model, the upcoming cargo van will offer twenty-five percent more load volume. Moreover, it will provide a higher payload and host two-Euro pallets. Ford has been electrifying its commercial Transit autos, including the Transit Custom plug-in Hybrid.

The company has a projected capital of fifty billion dollars, which it hopes will make it the leader in electric vehicle production. The E-Transit Courier for Europe is a crucial step in Ford’s vehicle electrification process.

Hans Schep, Ford Pro’s general manager in Europe, said that the E-Transit Courier is a step above the existing E-Transit models. It will provide uncompromised electric vehicle performance with Ford Pro E-Telematics, mobile-compatible FORDLiive, higher load capacity, and robust connectivity. Hans saw a great opportunity for Ford to meet the ever-changing customers’ needs as it is an all-time leader in the European market.

An All-electric Powertrain and Pro Charging Solutions

Ford E-Transit Courier for Europeans and start-up EV businesses has a fully electric powertrain. It entails a 100kW motor and 1-pedal driving capability. These are some of the features that will provide distract-free driving experiences for users. Ford Pro bosses did not reveal all about the new product’s specifications.

An All-electric Powertrain and Pro Charging Solutions

We hope to discover these soon after the debut of the new electric Courier. This commercial cargo van will provide a non-stop charging solution like other E-Transit models. Hence, customers will charge their cars at home, depot, or any other public charging place. The end-to-end charging solution has bonus features like hardware installation and management software.

This software tool will ensure an optimal charging process. Access to billing and administration services is via the same charging software. Ford Pro predicts that the new E-Transit Courier will be a darling for drivers who want to charge their cars at home. These drivers should expect to get up to 11kW AC charge in about 5.7 hours of overnight charging.

Customers can charge cheaply overnight using the depot charging software or the in-vehicle touchscreen. Drivers who will choose public charging will get a quick direct current capability of 100kW. The DC charging system of the E-Transit Courier will move from ten to eighty percent charge in thirty-five minutes or less. You can also access the following complimentary features:

  • BlueOval Charge Network Chargers– The new E-Transit Courier gives you full-year access to BlueOval Charge Network. The BlueOval Charge Network will have added half a million public chargers by next year. Those lucky to enjoy this feature will simply plug in their cars and go away. The BlueOval Charge Network provides instant charging if you have a compatible charger. After unplugging your car, the system will automatically send you a charge summary and bill.
  • Ford Pro E-Telematics-Another advantage is the access to Ford Pro E-Telematics’ features. Only customers who have five or more commercial vehicles can have unconditional access to these features. Ford Pro E-Telematics maximizes productivity and supports charging software via live data. Thus, drivers can expect to receive live updates on charging status, low ranges, and car-specific charge states.
  • Intelligent Range –To know when to charge your electric Courier, you will study the Intelligent Range feature. It lives on the cloud and its work is to gather live data to supply more precise range figures.

A New Body Design enables a higher load volume

A New Body Design enables a higher load volume

Ford’s E-Transit Courier boasts a new body design. As a result, the new cargo van has a bigger payload and capacity than its older siblings. For the first time, Ford will provide a compact delivery van that can carry two Euro pallets. As the new electric Courier has a larger gap (1,220mm) between the rear wheel arches, it will bear more weight than its predecessors.

The new E-Transit Courier will have a cargo volume of two-point-nine cubic meters. Compared to the other Transit Line-ups, this volume is twenty-five percent higher. With the newly introduced load-thorough bulkhead element, drivers can pack long items of more than 2,600 millimeters. The new electric cargo van for Europe delivers a payload of 700kg maximum. The heaviest load it can tow is 750kg.

Interior and exterior design

The upcoming E-Transit Courier will be an attention-grabbing van. With its bold and unique extra design, this electric car will capture the attention of all. The interior design has generous features for most drivers. The new electric Transit model has a squircle steering wheel. It will increase legroom and ensure better road visibility.

Other features are push-button ignition, column-mounted gear shift, and an electronic handbrake. The new electric Courier will also have an improved digiboard instrument panel. It will have a 12-inch digital cluster and a 12-inch SYCH 4-based center touchscreen. With this compact car, you will get Connected Navigation on a subscription plan.

The feature can improve productivity and release accurate updates. These are updates on the charging status, traffic, local catastrophes, and parking. Like other Ford models, the new E-Transit Courier has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. It will set a new yardstick in the safety segment with its advanced driver assistance Systems suite.

You can get an optional Adaptive Cruise Control bundle equipped with Stop & Go, Cross Traffic Alert, Reverse Brake Assist, Lane Centring, Intersection Assist, etc. These features will simplify urban driving. Another crucial feature is the Office Pack, which has an easy-to-fold work surface with lighting. If you wish to use your laptop or write something, the Office Pack will make it easier.

Interior and exterior design

A built-in modem is another exciting interior feature of the new E-transit Courier. Hence, you can enjoy internet connectivity and instant wireless software updates. Reliable vehicle security alerts will be possible due to the built-in modem. So, you can tell when your commercial van has collided with another vehicle or get updates on a potential break-in.

The Fleet Start Inhibit

The E-Transit Courier will be beneficial to individual drivers and fleet managers. It has the Fleet Start Inhibit feature for fleet managers. These managers can use the Fleet Start Inhibitenable to disable the compact van from a remote place. The feature can improve car security by ensuring it runs only during business hours on the approved routes.

This can help fleet managers prevent theft and illegal use of their vehicles. Another security feature that will assist fleet managers is the factory-fit lock packs. These packs belong to TVL, one of the best vehicle security companies. These packs have hook locks for reducing peel-and-steal crimes. They also provide auto-locking for the van’s sliding side door. This auto-locking system improves security and makes loading and offloading easier.

E-Transit Courier debut

The first petrol and diesel engine All-new Transit Courier models will emerge this year. These vehicles will produce better fuel efficiency and include van and double-cab-in-van body designs. There will be Limited and Active trim levels. Combustion engine models will continue to serve in European cities that have not implemented a ban.

The new E-Transit Courier is due for production in 2024. Nevertheless, its first public debut happened at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham between April 18th and April 20th, 2023. From summer 2023, customers can get the petrol and diesel engine Transit Couriers to ensure its delivery within the year.

The production plant will be Craiova, Romania, and the assembler will be Ford Otosan. The company has made the top-selling Transit Custom and E-Transit line-ups. Also, Ford Otosan plans to produce more than nine hundred thousand commercial vehicle units by 2025.

What this news means to Americans?

What this news means to Americans

Ted Cannis noted that the company expects most commercial fleet customers from the United States to get tax credits. These will amount to $7,500. They will only be available to buyers of the new E-Transit Couriers.

Furthermore, new US government regulations will reduce the tax credit to $3,750 for retail buyers by April 18th. Ernst & Young, an accounting firm, and Ford will advise USA customers on the eligibility criterion for full tax credits. They will follow the stipulations under the Inflation Reduction Act.


The brand-new E-Transit Courier is a compact cargo van. It backs the company’s global plan to improve its commercial electric vans. The new commercial van will use an all-electric powertrain to ensure uninterrupted EV performance. Lastly, the vehicle provides a roomier load storage area and more advanced interior features.

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