Five-tonne Transit Equips Heavy Duty Capability to the Commercial Range of Ford

Five-tonne Transit Equips Heavy Duty Capability to the Commercial Range of Ford

One of the renowned American Multinational automakers, Ford has recently revealed a new 5-tonne version of its evergreen Transit Van. With high payload, then its lighter stablemates, this new version aims to be the toughest model with the best vehicle capability. The 5-tonne Transit is the one to add a heavy-duty edge to the series of Ford’s commercial vehicles. This iconic model will be most likely to be available to all the Ford dealers from November.

The new model comprises 300 kg payload as compared to the other capable Transit. It is equipped with a range of ‘chassis cab’ options along with ‘Jumbo’ panel van variant. Overall, it provides a 5,000kg gross vehicle mass as well as a net payload of up to 2,383kgn on the panel van.

Hans Schep is the general manager at Ford of Europe. According to him, the payload is one of the significant factors for enhancing the productivity of the business. For this reason, the new flagship Transit of Ford is the heaviest van that they have ever developed. The customers and converter partners who are looking for the additional capability for their business, this 5.0-tonne Transit is surely going to meet their needs.

Impressive  Design

The capability to built conversion that meets customer’s individual operational requirements is often considered important for 5.0-tonne LCV. It provides a choice of 3 wheelbases, single- or double-cabs with seating for up to seven occupants, and 4 frame lengths to best meet the customer’s business-specific needs.

Buyers who are looking for bespoke engineering solutions are sure going to enjoy all the benefits from the extensive Qualified Vehicle Modifier of Ford.

Modifications in Mechanicals

All the variants of 5.0-tonne Transit are rear-wheel drive and supported with HDT powertrain of Ford. The 168 bhp 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine of Ford generates up to 288 ft-lb of torque in order to fit heavy loads. It is also equipped to a six-speed manual gearbox.The chassis boasts modified wheels, hub assemblies, and broad 205mm rear tyres in order to effectively move the loads.

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