Enhanced Payload with Upgraded Chassis-Cabin variants in the new Master Z.E.

Enhanced Payload with Upgraded Chassis-Cabin variants in the new Master Z.E.

Designed to fulfill a wide range of requirements of professionals and catering to the environmental-friendliness, Renault has come up with a new newer and better version of Renault Master Z.E. This multi-utility electric van had two variants- platform-cabin and panel van.

The latest variant of this functional van is titled Chassis-cabin version. Not just box types, these variants differ in lengths and heights as well. Master Z.E. has two heights (H1 & H2) and three length options (L1, L2, & L3) along with 3.1 & 3.5 tons Gross Vehicle Weight. These vans can easily carry a payload of approximately 1,700kg.

Below explained are the three variants of Master Z.E.


The newest member of Z.E. variants is its chassis-cabin version. It is available for the consumers in H1 height with L2 & L3 length options. This version can transport a max of 1,620kg payload before conversion. There are large volume, tailgate, drop sides, and more transformations are available.

Platform Cab

After the latest upgrades, consumers have access to 2 versions of Platform Cabin Master Z.E. variant. These versions have a payload of 1,740kg. With this payload, buyers can opt for larger conversion options. This includes Luton Low-loader upgradation with a useful sill for low loading actions.

Panel van

The last Master Z.E. variant- Panel Van is manufactured in all three lengths and two height options. With an increased volume of 8m3 to 13m3, the panel van variant is reinforced to carry 1,490kg payload with ease.   

The increased payload function in all three variants and options for conversions & transformations make these utility vans stand out. Master Z.E. being an electric van can be recharged in 6 hours; this makes it an ideal option to make urgent deliveries while staying eco-friendly.

Users can plug the vans for charging on Public Charging Points or Wallbox that have 7kW output. Master Z.E. offers extra serviceability with a sleek body.  

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