Different tires can make the difference!

Different tires can make the difference!

One of the most important purchases you will make for your vehicle is tires. Depending on how your vehicle is used, tires can make the difference in vehicle performance. Here we will look at why different tires can make all of the difference.


If you live in an area where you have a lot of snow and ice, you will want to purchase tires that are designed to provide better traction. Snow tires have a feature that allows them to dig into the snow and ice to provide stability and traction. Regardless of the type vehicle you own, snow and winter tires can help your vehicle maintain traction, take curves easier, and help you stop your vehicle quicker.


Regular tires are now designed to be used in severe inclement weather. Regular tires are okay for everyday travel in fair weather, but they are not very good when it comes to snow and ice. This presents a different set of problems.

Braking on snow and ice with regular cars can be dangerous. You will likely just slide and lose control of your vehicle. Winter tires tend to grab the road and help you come to a stop faster. When attempting to make a turn on snow and ice, regular tires once again can cause problems. Often the car will continue with a forward motion instead of turning. Winter tires can help you take back control of your vehicle and make that turn quickly and safely.


Another reason why different tires can make all the difference if found when vehicles are used off road. Many vehicles today are built to travel either on the road or off the road. Regular tires do not operate well in off road circumstances.

Off road travel can present problems such as wet, slippery surfaces, or mud which can cause your vehicle to get stuck. This cannot only be aggravating, it can also cause damage to your vehicle. With regular tires, if you get stuck in mud you will probably have to call a tow truck to get you out. With off road tires you will have a much better chance at getting the traction needed to keep on going.

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If you like adventure instead of hum drum driving down the road, you will soon learn why different tires can make all the difference. The appropriate tire for your vehicle will allow you the freedom to do what you want without the worry of getting stuck.

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