December 2020 PX Offer by Swiss Vans

December 2020 PX Offer by Swiss Vans

We are happy to take in any PX vans in this PX offer that we sold in 2016, 2017, and 2018 for our sister business.

  • We need you to obtain your settlement figure
  • We need an accurate description (service history, keys, bodywork, windscreens, and alloys condition) of your van and ideally some pictures
  • And whether you want your new van delivered or if you will self-collect to keep down prices.
  • In some cases, your payments will be pretty similar to what you are already paying now.
  • We have a stock of over 100 New Transit Custom and a similar number of Mercedes arriving before Xmas just for this event.

Step 1: Ring Your Finance Company Settlement Figure

Get a settlement figure on your old van:
ALD 0117 908 2000
Aldermore 0118 955 6690
VWFS 0370 900 6040

New Ford Transit Custom Swamper Trail Version

Step 2: Ring Swiss Vans – Describe Your Van and Current Payments to Get PX Offers

In many cases, we can keep the payments similar to what you are paying. This is especially possible with Transit Custom and Mercedes Vito.

Swiss Vans

Step 3: Choose the Best Deal for You

We will work out the best deal for you according to your requirements. As soon as you will be happy with our finance proposal, we will deal with all formalities for you.

Finance Lease

Step 4: Pay Deposit

After being accepted with finance, we take your deposit and organise the fits. You can decide if you want us to deliver your new van and collect old one (Your old van MUST be roadworthy) or collect it by yourself and get a discount on your payments.

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