Customization Options for Your Commercial Van

Customization Options for Your Commercial Van

Customization Options for Your Commercial Van

Practicality, efficiency, and sustainability are keys to the success of modern businesses. If your daily operations abundantly revolve around transportation, the same benchmark applies to the commercial vans you use.

While there is no shortage of van models with innovative features and designs to keep up with the growing needs of businesses, they are no replacement for customization.

By customizing a commercial van, you can upgrade or redesign the vehicle in a way that fully meets the requirements of your business. Moreover, it can also help make the vehicle safer for you and your crew. A customized van also looks more professional and works in the favor of your brand.

So, what are the customization options available for commercial vans? Let’s take a look-

1.  Customizing Van Interiors

You and your crew would be spending a good amount of time inside the van. Thus, it makes sense to start with customizing the vehicle interiors. Today, the van interiors are a lot more than mere storage spaces. You can convert it into a fully functional mobile office or even a mobile retail outlet.

Here are some of the interior customization options for a commercial van-

Shelves and Storage

One of the biggest inconveniences for businesses that use vans for day-to-day operations is the available storage space. With customization, you can ensure every inch of the storage area is utilized to the maximum.

You can now find an extensive range of shelving units that can help enhance the storage space of your van. You can also consider customized drawers and cabinets to securely store all your tools, equipment, and inventory.

Cargo Area Partition

Many of the van models don’t feature a partition between the driver’s cabin and the cargo area. You can consider adding this partition to prevent objects from shifting forward during transit.

You can also find custom partitions with built-in storage to expand the storage capacity of the cargo area. If you’re concerned about rear visibility after installing the partition, you can also customize it to feature a window.

Custom Seating

Custom Seating

Replace the existing seats with the latest seating options that come with ergonomic capabilities to enhance driver and passenger comfort, especially on longer journeys.

Look for seating options equipped with lumbar support, height adjustment, and heaters for a more ergonomic and enjoyable driving experience.

Mobile Office

Why just work from home when you can work from anywhere? Thanks to modern technologies, you can conveniently convert your van into a mobile office.

For building a fully functional office inside the commercial van, you can consider adding foldable desks or workbenches and adjustable seating arrangements for a comfortable and productive working environment.

Flooring Upgrades

Safety is a significant concern in any outdoor commercial environment. The flooring of the vehicle deserves special attention in this regard.

To enhance the safety of your commercial van, you can look for a durable and non-slip flooring option. Custom rubber mats designed as per the dimensions of your van can improve safety, protect the floor from wear and tear, and also reduce vibration and noise.

Custom Lighting

Lighting is another aspect that is vital to safety. This is especially true for those who regularly work in dimly lit areas or during the night.

Lighting options like task lights, motion-activated lights, and LED light strips can be strategically placed to ensure the work area is properly illuminated.

2.  Customizing Van Exteriors

Exterior customization can also help enhance the efficiency and productivity of the commercial van. Moreover, the exteriors are also valuable for branding purposes as it is the first thing that passersby and customers notice. Here are some ways to customize the exteriors of your commercial van-

Roof Racks

Roof racks are an effective way to further expand the load-carrying capacity of your commercial van. The rack can be used for carrying equipment, pipes, ladders, etc. that is difficult to store inside the vehicle.

Roof Racks

If you want to install a roof rack, you must also add a ladder system to ensure your crew can conveniently access the roof as and when required.

Tire Upgrades

Upgrading the tires of your van is one of the most effective ways to enhance overall performance and safety. The latest tires come with improved tread patterns to offer better traction on the road and improve handling.

Moreover, the tires also play a vital role in the load-bearing capacity of the vehicle. If your van regularly carries heavy loads, upgrading the tires can prevent premature tire wear and ensure optimal performance.

Paint or Wrap

Commercial vans are powerful marketing tools. You can customize them in many different ways to promote your brand and make it stand out in the traffic.

For instance, you can consider painting the van as per your brand guidelines. Another option is a graphical wrap with your brand colors and logo.

Exterior Lighting

Just like interior lighting, you can also think about customizing the exterior lighting of your van. You can now find a wide range of spotlights, undercarriage lighting, and LED light bars that could assist your workers when working in poorly lit environments.

Moreover, you can also be creative with the exterior lighting of your business van to make a lasting impression on the passersby.

Off-Road Enhancements

Challenging terrain is an everyday affair for many businesses. You can equip your van with a variety of off-road enhancements to ensure that it is prepared for extreme conditions.

Reinforced skid plates, heavy-duty tires, and lifted suspension are some of the upgrades you can consider for your commercial van.

Custom Grille

Adding a custom grille to a commercial van also offers various benefits in terms of functionality and aesthetics. For instance, there are grille models that are optimized for improved airflow and better ventilation. Grill designs with larger openings and mesh patterns can also improve the engine cooling efficiency of the van.

Moreover, with a custom grille, businesses can incorporate their colors, logo, and other branding elements for a distinct look.

3.  Technology Upgrades

Technology Upgrades

Technological advancements have transformed vans from what they used to be a decade ago. The innovations have significantly improved the safety, efficiency, and customization possibilities of commercial vans. Here are some tech upgrades you can add to your business van-

GPS and Fleet Tracking

If you have a transportation or delivery-based business and are looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of your daily operations, you must consider integrating your vans with GPS and fleet tracking systems.

With the help of these systems, you can track the location and performance of your vans in real time. Apart from operational efficiency, they also contribute to improved route planning and fuel optimization.

Communication and Connectivity

You can also equip your commercial van with communication systems, like Bluetooth or two-way radios to enhance efficiency and coordination for mobile teams.

A Wi-Fi hotspot is another feature you should consider adding to keep the team connected and boost productivity.

Backup Cameras and Sensors

To improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents, you can consider equipping your commercial van with backup cameras and sensors. These technologies make it easier for the driver to have a clear view of their surroundings, especially in tight and crowded areas.

For added safety, you can also install systems that come with features like collision detection and lane departure alerts.

Security Systems

You can take the security of your commercial van to the next level by equipping it with exterior cameras and surveillance systems. These systems act as a deterrent and also offer valuable footage in case of incidents.

If your crew regularly carries expensive equipment, cargo, or sensitive documents, you can add an extra layer of safety with smart locking systems and biometric access controls.

Solar System

Want to make your fleet more environment-friendly? Consider installing a solar system on your commercial van. Solar panels harness energy from the sun, making it a clean and renewable power source.

The electricity generated by the solar system can be adequate for managing the electricity needs of lighting, HVAC systems, and other electronic devices installed in the van.

Voice-Activated Controls

Voice-Activated Controls

Voice-activated controls enable hands-free operation, ensuring the driver stays focused on the road even when accessing various features available in the van. This can significantly reduce distractions, improve safety, and offer a more convenient driving experience.

With the help of these systems, drivers can control communication, navigation, AC/heater temperature, and certain other vehicle features.

Are You Planning to Customize Your Commercial Van?

If you’re looking to get your commercial van customized, these are some of the interior, exterior, and tech upgrades you can consider. Ensure that you choose a reputed van customization service provider like Swiss Vans for optimal results.

From interior upgrades, splitters and custom grilles to alloy wheels, we offer a wide range of customization options to choose from. We also offer our exclusive WASP and Hornet packages for all the popular van models from leading brands like Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and more, providing businesses with tailored solutions as per their requirements.

Contact Swiss Vans today to know more about our van customization services.

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