Customising Your Van with New Van Accessories

Customising Your Van with New Van Accessories

Customising your van with van accessories

There are lots of accessories available to buy for your van, these van accessories and van customisations can change the look of your van or make your van more comfortable. In this article we cover some of our favourites from those available at – where you can find many of these custom van parts at low prices. Many of these items are also available as fitted extras if you purchase a new van from

In Van Entertainment

  • Customising Your Van with New Van AccessoriesDrop down screens (Roof mounted screens) and DVD players – being ‘drop-down’ means that they affix to the interior roof of your van and can drop down when needed. In van screens and DVD players can entertain your passengers during long journeys or yourself when you are parked up taking a break – or with the addition of a TV antenna, you could watch live TV. You can even hook these up to a games console like an Xbox or Playstation! Customising Your Van with New Van Accessories
  • In van WiFi – with a 3G WiFi router you can turn your van into a portable WiFi hotspot – this can be handy for getting work done on the move or for your passengers to up date their Facebook status about your great driving.
  • Customising Your Van with New Van AccessoriesGPS/Music player- with bluetooth connectivity. This is a game changer! – Acting as an all in one DVD, MP3, TV, GPS Navigation and hands free kit, this is about the best thing you can invest your money in for your van. Systems like the Pioneer AVH-5600BT with a touch-screen interface can also link up to apps on your phone. You can also hook the unit up to reversing cameras to aid with parking.

Badges, Grills & Alloys

  • Grills and Badges van accessoriesLight up badges or different badges can give your van a more unique look than a standard manufacturer badge. The light up rear badges can also double as an extra brake light!
  • Grills can give your van the custom look, whether you are looking to make your van look more sporty or just sleeker – this is a good starting point for any customisation
  • Van Alloy WheelVan Alloy wheels make all the difference, even this simple customisation on its own can really give your van a better appearance – there are many sizes, colours and styles available. Be sure to choose “Van Rated” Alloys.
  • Alloy Wrap Wheel Wraps – Take it to the next level and have your vans alloys vinyl wrapped with an awesome pattern – there a so many to choose from, with this you can really stand out from the pack!


  • Custom storage can really help you to organise and carry your cargo or equipment well. One example of note is the “Vanorak” a unique storage system made for Volkswagen Transporters. The Vanorak has a selection of cleverly designed storage compartments within a unit that is designed to fit snugly behind the rear wheel arches, in font of the back doors. It provides perfect storage for bottles, shopping,  umbrellas, clothes, tools or what ever you want to store without it rolling around in the back of your van. It is also removable which means when you need to store something bigger, you can just lift it out.
    vanorak strorage van accessory

Eberspacher Heating

  • eberspacher van heaterOne of the great things about having an eberspacher heater is that you can remotely (via a mobile phone app) start the system to cool or heat your van before you step into it – no more freezing mornings or steamed up windows!

Reversing Cameras or Reversing Sensors

  • If you have a large van such as a Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz sprinter, or even a smaller van that does not have the benefit of a rear view mirror, reversing cameras can be extremely helpful in turning and parking – as well as providing that extra level of saftey in seeing that nothing or none is behind you.
  • Reversing sensors are a cheaper option but you only get to hear beeps and not actually see what’s behind you.
    (NOTE!:  If your van does not have adequate rear visibility, it is now categorically your legal duty to take steps to protect people and property when reversing – be careful or face prosecution or hefty fines!)
    van accessories for saftey Reversing Sensors for your Van    Reversing cam for your van

Check out lots more accessories at – SwissVanTek are a UK based van and van accessory supplier. On the website you will find a range of van gadgets and accessories for vans, such as vw transporter alloy wheelsvw caddy alloysin-dash satnav and audio/video recieversvw transporter chrome and MORE! Also, check our T5 1 Purple Van Project customisation.

3 thoughts on “Customising Your Van with New Van Accessories”

  1. Keith Lucas Jones

    Hi I am buying a Renault Trafic 2019 plate.
    How much would it cost to have a DVD player or van screens.
    How long would it take?

  2. Keith Lucas jones

    Hi I Have a 2018 Renault Trafic 6 seater.
    Intrested in having a Drop Down Dvd player.
    How does it work with T.V Antenna
    How much would it cost and how long would it take

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