Custom VW Badges

Custom VW Badges

Custom VW Badges

The prominent VW logo, a small ‘ V’ sitting on top of the center of a ‘W’ and then enclosed in a circle is one of the most famous car logos in the world. The trademark was registered in 1948 and it was said that the logo was the result of an office competition. The winning design was by Franz Reimspiess, the engineer who actually perfected the Beetle’s (Type 1 ) engine in the 1930s. Reimspiess prize was 50 Marks, a very small price indeed for a logo that captured the world.

VW Badge “Crimes”

There is something quite endearing about a VW logo that two thefts were identified to it. In 1957, a million VW logos were stolen from VW Beetles from the East Coast to the West Cost of North America. Each VW logo cost $3.05 and this theft translated to $3 million theft as VW has to replace all stolen badges. It was later found out that the badges were stolen by 13-14 year old boys who either wear the badges as belt buckles or gave them to their girlfriends.
In 1896, thousands of VW badges were stolen by teenagers in the UK. The teen boys reportedly wore the badges on neck chains to imitate the famous rock band The Beastie Boys. Again, Volkswagen replaced stolen badges and to stop those Beastie Boys fans from stealing VW badges, offered them VW key rings.

VW Badges Design

The original VW badge was made of chrome fitted with an enamel shield. Modern day original VW badges are still made of chrome. There has been a proliferation of VW badges for decades. The world has probably seen hundreds of various custom VW badges designs, using different materials. Here are some examples of VW badge innovations.

And what about these fun VW Badges

What custom VW Badge would you like? or do you have your own design idea? Let us know and we might just be able to accommodate your request.

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