Office Van Renovations: Convert Your Van Into A Mobile Office With Swiss Vans

Office Van Renovations: Convert Your Van Into A Mobile Office With Swiss Vans

Office Van Renovations: Convert Your Van Into A Mobile Office With Swiss Vans

Thinking about exploring a unique alternative workspace that suits your work-from-home model? With the workspace increasingly becoming dynamic, flexibility, convenience, and mobility are an integral part of professional success. Converting your van into a mobile office is a fantastic idea that’ll give you the comfort and freedom to take your workspace anywhere with you.

A mobile workspace empowers you with on-the-go productivity, sought after by many. And an office van renovation makes the perfect sense to help you achieve just what you need. Swiss Vans understands the increasing need to not just go remote, but also mobile. With our office van conversion, you could be enjoying the breeze in the remote countryside while still able to work. In this post, we’ll show you how to achieve that.

What Do You Need For An Office Van Renovation?

To most people, conversion simply means creating a living space inside a cargo van. Well, here’s another conversion that can make your work-life balance even more exciting. When it comes to office van conversion, it entails making slightly different changes to make your van more suitable for work.

Create more windows

Your home office typically is set in a well-lit room with plenty of natural light and fresh air coming in. That is, at least, if it’s a standard office setup that isn’t a studio for photo or video shooting. To replicate a similar appeal as your home office, your mobile van office needs windows at the back and on both sides.

When it’s airier and more well-lit, it creates a natural glamour that makes it feel like a real home office rather than just another van on the move.

Walls Insulation

Just like a camper van has insulation, the same goes for your van office. Insulating the walls shields you from the temperature fluctuations and noise that might make it unconducive for work. Plus, it also lets you create a more appealing look while removing the ordinary van interior look.

Electrical System

Electrical System

Any workspace needs a wall outlet to plug in your office equipment and devices. For this, you’ll need a powerful battery system and solar panels to tap the energy from Mother Nature. This not only provides a sustainable energy source but also ensures that you don’t rely on your van’s battery for powering your office equipment.

Since you’ll have a separate battery, you’ll also need an inverter for DC to AC conversion for use with your devices.


Even though your van is well-lit from the brilliance of natural light, you’ll still need your own lighting. This lets you keep your workspace illuminated even when there isn’t enough sunshine. Choose LED lights since they’re brighter and conserve energy better than ordinary lights.

Install ambient lighting to make your van office’s atmosphere comfy and inviting. Task lighting is essential for illuminating specific areas, such as your desk.

Heating and Cooling System

You’ll need a workspace that you can use all year long during different seasons. For that, an efficient heating and cooling system is essential to keep the temperature more accommodating.

Communication Systems

Even when away from home, you’ll need to be connected to the outside world via the internet. Equip your van office with a Wi-Fi router and signal boosters to stay seamlessly connected. This allows you to join meetings with your colleagues or clients and stay up to date with your email inbox while chilling in the wild.

Workspace Design and Furniture

Now, this is where the real work is. You need to create a workspace design that mimics a real office to cultivate the work mood even when you don’t feel like it. Plan the design layout well so you can also use it for other purposes when not working.

Install functional furniture fixated on the walls for safety and convenience. Make the desk, seats, and storage cabinets classy, just like your home office. Ensure the seat is ergonomic for long work hours. If possible, consider going for a multipurpose seat that can double as a bed. This will mean that your desk should be foldable to create a bit more space.

Workspace Design and Furniture

You don’t need to worry about the nitty-gritty of your workspace design; Swiss Vans has experienced van conversion experts to do this for you.

Camper van In a Mobile Office – Is it Feasible?

When we talk about an office van renovation, you’re probably thinking about what makes it so different from a camper van conversion. Why not just convert your van into a camper and work in it as you move? The difference is that a van office is specifically built for work, right from the workspace design and layout, to functionality and more.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the two integrated into one. It’s very possible to have a camper van that also serves as a mobile office. It only takes proper design planning and execution.

With this setup, you can have it as an office during the week, a sanctuary that supports your hustle. On weekends, you can go on an adventure with the van as your bedroom on wheels. And as winter kicks in, simply park the van at a nature spot, turn on the heating and work on your project quietly as you sip a hot cup of coffee.

The Fiscal Side of Your Van Office Renovations

We’ve talked about how cool a van office is, but one undeniable fact is that it’s going to cost you money. So, how much will it cost? Working with experienced van conversion experts from Swiss Vans, you don’t have to break the bank.

Swiss Vans conversions come in all types of budgets to handcraft beautiful van offices that meet your requirements. Depending on what you’d like to be included in the van office, we can help you secure a custom quotation from our van conversion experts.

Choosing the Right Van for Your Van Office Conversion Project

Choosing the Right Van for Your Van Office Conversion Project

What are some of the best vans to consider for your mobile van office conversion? Considering the various sizes of vans can help you get a rough idea of what van to choose for the conversion. While other factors such as fuel consumption matter, what matters the most is the size of the van. Generally, vans are categorised according to two factors; wheelbase and height.

Long Wheelbase (LWB): Large-sized Vans

If you want a two-in-one setup comprising a mobile office and a camper, the long-wheelbase vans make the best base vehicle. They offer plenty of space to accommodate your office and other customizations needed by a camper. You also get more freedom to organize the interior space how you love it.

Under the large-sized vans, we have the straight-sided and angle-sided bodies. The vans with straight-sided bodies are boxier but with a little shorter wheelbase. The walls provide plenty of usable space, which you’ll find useful in your mobile office. Some of the best examples of these vans you might want to consider include the Citroën Jumper, Fiat Ducato, Ram Promaster, and Peugeot Boxer.

You’re probably familiar with long-wheelbase vans with angle-sided bodies. Their walls are tapered, reducing the internal width by a small margin. Examples of angle-sided body vans include the Man TGE, Volkswagen Crafter, and Mercedes Sprinter.

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Conversion Project

Keep the overall weight under 3.5 tonnes

If planning to convert a long-wheelbase van into a mobile office or even a camper, take note of the total weight of the conversion. It shouldn’t go beyond 3.5 tonnes because these vans carry more weight at the base already. Also, it would mean that you’ll need to upgrade the van to be able to support the additional weight.

You’ll have to upgrade the vehicle’s components such as the suspension to support the gross vehicle mass (GVM). These changes can bring more expenses to your van office conversion project.

You may need to upgrade your driving licence

Adding more could make it much heavier, and that would mean changing your driving licence. You may need to go for additional driving lessons and test drive a 7.5-tonne truck. This is especially important if your conversion will be above the 3.5-tonne limit.

However, Swiss Vans still recommends going for the lessons even if you won’t exceed this weight limit. It’ll prepare you to handle a heavier and larger van than you’re used to.

Find a longer parking space

Find a longer parking space

Driving a long-wheelbase van also means you’ll need to deal with the issue of parking. If you’ll be based in urban areas most of the time, you need to find longer parking spaces. But this shouldn’t be an issue because owning a mobile van office has more pros than cons.

To deal with the parking issue, you may install parking sensors to guide you when needed.

Find a van with advanced safety features

Also consider going for a van that has advanced safety features, such as a blind spot detection system. Long-wheelbase vans tend to have blind spots that are difficult to monitor. But with a detection system and rearview camera, it should be easy to drive the van.

Bespoke Van Office Conversion By Swiss Vans

When it comes to your van office conversion, it’s crucial that it’s done by experts, right from the design to completion. Before the actual work commences, have the conversion company present 3D drawings of the design. This helps you picture the proposed design and justify the quotation you’re given.

Surprisingly, Swiss Vans, a company that offers some of the best-selling vans across the UK, also has a network of office van conversion experts. When you finally decide to kickstart your project, you can find affordable van finance and be able to convert the van into a mobile office, all in one point.

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