Contract Hire Cars – Swiss Vans and

Contract Hire Cars – Swiss Vans and

Swiss Vans launches Contract Hire Car Website

Repeating the success of simplicity.

Swiss Vans has always been a trend setter in the van world.  They were one of the first van companies in the UK to fully embrace the Kombi style van which crosses the bridge between van and car.  Now of course, Kombis are popular throughout the UK.  Swiss Vans customers like speedy service, knowledgeable staff and of course, a great selection of vans.
contract hire cars
Up to now, Swiss Vans has only done vans… lease and contract hire cars have been totally out of the equation.
That is until now.  Ian Hill, MD of Swiss Vans has launched a new venture supplying cars on the same easy principles that have made Swiss Vans so successful. offers excellent contract hire deals, making getting a car quick, easy and delivered to your door.



Contract Hire Cars came in response to Customer Demand

Swiss Vans have a solid reputation for supplying vans on lease.  Contract hire cars is a completely new venture for the business.  However, this is largely due to requests from Swiss Vans customers.  Our van users also buy contract hire cars for their staff, partners and even themselves at the weekends.  Up to now, they haven’t had the same easy experience with contract hire cars that our van sales team offer.
Ian said:”Many of our Swiss Vans customers said ‘if only my wife’s car was this easy to sort out, why don’t you do cars?’   We decided that we could so was born for ford transit sport

Excellent Choice of Models from Volkswagen, Audi and Ford

The range of vehicles is excellent. already offer the full current range of contract hire cars from Volkswagen and Audi, with plans to add Ford models to the range very shortly.   Already popular are the new Volkswagen Beetles, with the Volkwagen Beetle Design model available from just £189.00.
Prices start from just £99 per month over 3 years based on a very reasonable 10,000 miles per annum.  (Price based on a Volkswagen Up!)

 will offer the same levels of high service, indeed many of the Swiss Vans team have a car sales background.

Of course, Swiss Vans will continue to do vans and the new business will have its own team – with one exception, if you need two vehicles at the same time, you can have the convenience of dealing with only one contact for both your van and your contract hire car.

However if you only need a car, you will find our contract hire car specialists Natasha and Rachel are friendly and efficient. For more information call our teams on:



Cars:  01179 117199
Vans: 01656 837313

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